Snipped Code Snippet Gallery and Marketing App

Snipped Code Snippet Gallery and Marketing App

Snipped is an on-line application built in PHP/MySQLi, jQuery and Bootstrap for saving, storing, organizing, and sharing snippets of code. Designed as a code snippet gallery for web designers and web developers, and anyone else who is using and learning to code websites will find Snipped essential in their craft. Snipped is a complete site, ready to install and run out of the box. Great for marketing and selling ad space.

Snipped Code Snippet Gallery and Marketing App

Snipped is built using Bootstrap

What's New in Snipped

What's Updated in Snipped

Snipped's Features

Snipped’s Features

  • Public, Private and Fork Snips
  • Social Sharing vis Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIN
  • Users can Add, Edit and Delete their Snips
  • User/Guest Subscriptions with Double Opt-In
  • Public User Profiles with Social Links
  • Simple Sign In, New Account Registry and Password Recovery
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s using Apache’s RewriteEngine
  • Public Snips are fully Searchable
  • Code Syntax Highlighting via Google Prettify
  • Full Pagination
  • WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • About Page offering Ad/Marketing Space, and Current Site Stats
  • Snip Views are saved via IP Addres for logged in Users, and by IP Address for Guests
  • Admin Back-end to manage all Sinps, Comments, Users, Ads, and more
  • Delete, and Deactivate/Activate Users
  • Full Snip & Comment Moderation
  • Subscription Management
  • Translation ready via Localization files
  • Profanity Filter
  • Fully Documented and Clean Code
  • No Frameworks used, Snipped is is Hand Coded from start to finish
  • Easy to use web-based installation & set-up
  • Snipped is Built using Bootstrap & Fontawesome
  • Snipped REQUIRES PHP 5.3+ & MySQLi Connection, mcrypt_encrypt / mcrypt_decrypt, imagecreatefrompng (PNG Image Support) and fgetcsv (CSV File Support).
  • Snipped is Fully Supported. Have a question or need some guidance? Visit my Support Center, I am always happy to help where I can

Buyer Reviews

Buyer Reviews

Snipped's Documentation

Support by Luminary

Change Log:

Major Update: March 2016
- New Version 2
- Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.6
- Updated to Fontawesome 4.4.0
- New Features and improvements throughout
March 20 2014
Small update to allow apostrophes in Snip Titles and user Names.
Files Updated:
To update your version, download the latest version of Snipped from your downloads page and replace the above files with the newly updated ones.
March 2014
- Initial Release