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Hi wasifgc Can i customize this game? I want change birds i want use peoples not a birds ?

Yes you can change it to birds.if you buy this game we can help your

Add me Skype I’d wasifgc

This game support iOS?

this game is developed for android versions if you want to get ios copy please contact with me on skype

skype id wasifgc

hello, please add more games, i will buy more from you if you do so

ok sure we are finalizing games to upload here….and thanks for your likes our scripts….please follow me here..and ad me on skype also..if you feel any issue in my script you can freely talk with us..

Skype id wasifgc

Hi, which version of Unity ? and you have a link to the app in the store ?

any version of uniy 4.x you can see same game uploaded for ios

None of your games come with working APk I would of already purchase some if they would have been there

add working apk

alrady added if you not got let me know and add me on skype wasifgc

Is this up to date? Plz share APK so I can test it. If everything ok ill buy it

pelase use nity 4.6.7

Game does not work on Unity 5… i fixed 500 hundred errors… but still have a lot… please fix it and i will buy the rest of your games if you make them work for Unity 5…

pelase use nity 4.6.7

please upload exact code with present version update ….i am purchased already but not working please reply as soon as possible thank you

use 4.6.3 version

Hey, just ran this game on Unity 4.0.0 but it did not work. Please just let us know in which exact Unity version the game will run with no issues, so i can download that Unity version and can run the game. On the description of this game add the Unity version you used when you created this game and people will love you.

unity version 4.6.7

I changed pakage and game not building