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Looks quite nice, although there seems to be some layout problems to me:

Hey, It seems to be working fine for me. Please trying refreshing the page a couple of times and if you still get the same error please let me know the browser and OS you are on.

Thanks for your time, Mandeep

Hey, looks fab :) I have allot of plans i could do with this but want to know whats next on updates.. is it possible to

> Password protect snips if wanted > Have a report button > Inactive sniipits get removed automatically every 30 days?


Hi there, Yes, a lot of features are planned which includes password protected snippets, expiry date for snippets set by users(snippets will expire not deleted). I can not confirm at this time but the other 2 suggestions by you seems to be good. I will think about them too.

First buyer! Waiting for the @mrsoundbites suggestions! Thanks! :)

Thanks for buying, I’m just waiting for some more response from buyers before going with my plans. Its better to see what users want instead of just adding everything, like @mrsoundbites suggested a good idea for reporting system.

As iAlex said I am also seeing the layout issues too.

Hey there, Just found the issue, by mistake i set the logo url to my development site on demo, which created this issue. This has nothing to do with the script itself.

Please take a couple of minutes to check the site again.

Can we see a demo of the Admin side please?

You can access admin panel here:

Logins: Username: Password: pass

Hello! Is there a function of the search?and list?

I have already started working on it and it might be available under a few days.

Thanks a bunch! I purchased to fulfill its promise

Thanks! I’ll try to get it out as soon as possible. :)

How do we access the admin panel??

You can access admin panel here:

Logins: Username: Password: pass

search function and if you make a function such as most viewed. I’m thinking of buying.

I have already started working on it and it might be available under a few days.

Ok I bought your script and set the files as the instructions said and when I typed in the address and hit enter this is what I got : Whoops, looks like something went wrong. on the top The address is: the database is setup also. what do I need to edit?

Hi there, The script installation is for root domain installation, if you want to install the app in a subdirectory then you need to update your htaccess file in public directory. Set base path like this:

RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /files/whois/

I tried this but it dident work either, So I put it into the root of my server as the programs default and still the program will not go to the install procedure. just to the debug page. I sent my FTP info to your private mailo you can help me. Thanks in advance.

I have replied to your support request. Please follow up there.

Would like to report a small typo in your banner. I recommend you change “Supper” to “Super”.

Thanks for informing me, Will get this fixed soon. :)

Glad to hear and good luck with the sales.

Hello! I have a suggestion.:)

When a manager create snippet.

I am glad when I can attach an attached file.

Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion, but the app itself is used to eliminate the use of attachments and make the code easily readable.

Can I add on the front page the User privileges and user registration?

I think that it becomes something greater if there is a mode to be used in private.

Thank You.

I’m also thinking about adding a users area to have private snippets and a favorites list but can’t confirm anything at this time.

I’m also thinking about adding a users area to have private snippets and a favorites list but can’t confirm anything at this time.

Would be amazing! :)

Solved the htaccess with RewriteRule ^(file/folder/subdomain)($|/) – [L], but I CAN NOT login to admin area.

Ey man, will you support your customers??? Really bad support, no answer in 4 days. Bad!

Hey, I do not provide support here. Please contact me on support forums or Send me details of your site and a screenshot of error too, so i can help you better.

Hey meSingh,

I like this script, it is really cool. But there are some things which disturb me for example the layout, if you have a smaller monitor or visit the site with your mobile phone the page is looking really ugly, please try to optimize it for every monitor.

I would prefer that also the ip adress of user will entry into the database with his snippet, but only viewable as admin.

The third and most important thing is that if the visitors name there files <title>filename then the page looks very buggy. Please fix it soon as you can and update it!

greetings from germany

Hey, I have already sent you more details in your support email regarding all this. Please follow up there.

Not displayed correctly on chrome for android. Not responsive.

Fix it and i’ll buy it. Also adding password protected snippets is a good idea. Bookmarked this item to see next releases.

Its not a bug, this Script is not made for mobile users. No one really codes or use code on a mobile devices. Just think about yourself, Have you ever edited a code file or done any coding in your mobile?

A custom alias feature would be nice.

Thanks for your suggestion. Will think about it.

how does one find user posted snippets?

Currently there is no search functionality in the script, but will be added in next update.

Demo offline

There was a minor issue with our mysql server which has been fixed now. Please check it now.

Demo is still offline?

Hey there, My hosts mysql server was going offline again and again so just switched my host. You can see the demo now.

looks good!

Thanks :)


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