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Why cant i login with email ? users should be given the option to either login with email/username/phonenumber ?is that possible ?

Hello thank you i have already joined the group that you have mentioned. When will your next update be available on codecanyon?

Check this post for more details:

thanks a lot :)

You keep referencing you facebook page, yet you do not allow all of us into your group. If you are going to use your FB group as a point for updates and information and not answer questions here, then you should allow everyone in there.

Comments here for pre-sale question not for giving support as we already have a support system, You can check the support tab: - .

Plus comments here is limited and only allow reply from the item author and the comment author. That’s why we use a Facebook group to share upcoming news, features and screenshots and How-to tutorials

Sngine Facebook group is closed so you need to join first to see the group posts, and there is some rules like you can’t ask for technical support in the group because from where we can check if the user is a buyer and has valid support period.

So you can join the Facebook group from here: - .

Also if you any further questions or comments you contact us from the contact form:


btcloft Purchased

So is the 2.5 being released in Oct ? it’s been pushed back quite a bit now, waiting for those updates to continue with our project. Thanks.

join Sngine developers group on Facebook to see more discussion about what’s coming next & when :)

btcloft Purchased

Yes, Im aware, my question it’s, will you be meeting those dates this time ? its been pushed back quite a bit. Thanks.

Check this post:

suprastan Purchased

Where is a good place to get games from?

one question/suggestion: Of all users that register on the site more than 50% of then request to the admin to be their friends, how can this be automatic or block it at all? everytime that I enter the site I have to confirm friendship requests

Admin account is a user account but has admin permissions so users can add him as a friend and message him and so on.

But thanks a lot for your feedback, we already have plans to add piracy option for add friend option.

Thanks I enter and see like 50 new friend request, and I have to go manually one by one

Is it now possible to post Too all members?

If user publish a post with public it will be accessible to all users even not friends and if Pro Packages enabled he can boost his post and all members will see it.

Check this blog post to learn more about pro packages system:

Sorry my englisch is notperfect. So all Free Users can Read all Posts in activity Stream?

No, Sngine use friend system your newsfeed will be loaded with posts from pages you likes and your friends posts like Facebook.

What new in v.2.5? I dont have Facebook

Sorry but we only discuss and announce about whats’s coming in Sngine Facebook group We really encourage you to join Sngine developers group on Facebook to see more discussion about what’s coming next

Where can I download the apps to test and see how it works?

We don’t provide demo apps.

Hi, zamblek, I’m in the plan to buy this script, I’ve visited your script in a demo version and I really like it, I have a question about the price of whether it will change after the new edition and how much money will it be? Also, my observation is, there are more missing functions, I have a question to you, will these functions be included with the new update (2.5):

01 Added story system like in facebook with lighbox after opened story. (status, automatically gets removed after 24 hours).

02 Added reply to comment, the ability to edit comment’s replies.

04 Added events system.

06 Added translate post

07 Added View post count in video

08 Added Recent searches.

09 Added Sticker/in comment/chat/inbox

10 Reactions/Like/haha/love/etc

11 Chat fix for mobile.

12 Added People you may know in News Feed like facebook.

thank you zamblek.

We really encourage you to join Sngine developers group on Facebook to see more discussion about what’s coming next

where can I find templates to buy for this script? I interested in buying your script but I want a different template to not look so much with facebook.

We as “Zamblek” don’t sell any plugin/theme for Sngine at this time but Sngine already support customization and you can easily change the design from the admin panel with no need to any HTML/CSS skills.

Also you can add you own CSS from admin panel.

For extra customization you can edit the HTML and in Sngine we use Smarty PHP templates to separate the PHP code from the HTML so any web designer can change the design with edit the PHP files at all

There are a lot of show cases you can check them from here: - .

Also you can find any thing related to Sngine on Codecanyon from here: - .

iam using shared hosting will it support

Sngine requires Apache Server, PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.0+ to run Before install Sngine please make sure that mysqli, mod_rewrite, cURL, intl extensions and getimagesize() and mail() functions are enabled on your server. you can ask your hosting company to make sure to enable it for you

You can also check this blog post to learn more: - .

Also you can check the online docs to learn how to install Sngine - .

is their any option for sending pdf files in chat

No this feature will be added soon :)

We really encourage you to join Sngine developers group on Facebook to see more discussion about what’s coming next

menolly Purchased

Who can move database from woWonder to sNgine? 11.000 users from wowonder to sngine.


CorelGuru Purchased

menolly, you can migrate the database information from each, however it is very tricky and you need to know a lot about Sql and Databases to do it. Dependign on your member count on your Wowonder site, there are some various ways you can do it.


kafepo Purchased

Are you going to add in the next update a way to allow only pro (paid) users to upload video?

Thanks a lot for your feedback may be in the next future releases we will take this in our consideration.


jenkins33 Purchased

Uploaded the files to my server, changed the folder chmod permission and I’m unable to sign in as the admin or register as a new user. I get “There is something that went wrong!”

Version 2.4.3

For any help you can open support ticket here and our team will help you:


csgad Purchased

i want to buy this script but first i want to know if i can make it like twitter ” follow” not like facebook ” add friends”

are there any option in the script to transfer it from add friends to follow system?

Sngine already support both systems together, but remove/disable the friend system and enable only follow system not available yet.

But Thanks a lot for your feedback may be in the next future releases we will take this in our consideration.