Discussion on Sngine - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

Discussion on Sngine - The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

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Following your tutorial to move the site to another server, I think that is missing some information. Example: any links works. You say just backu files and database, move and that is it, but not… you can talk more about regular errors after move to another server because is not possible to renew the support for 75 dolar just for missing information… thanks

Some information like what ?

As if there is no possibility of errors after migration. In my case I followed all the steps correctly but no URL works anymore and there is no way to know what the error is, because no error appears. When accessing any link, the URL appears in the browser, but the page continues the initial page. I can log in but I can’t access any other pages… can’t you help me with this without having to renew support?

Hi, is there a way to let users view videos immediately with a quality of at least 720p instead of the standard 240p setting?

I ask this because maybe people don’t even know how to click on the gear icon to select the video quality and 240p is very very blurry video.

At the moment I have “slow” conversion speed settings

Hello @yvelef , How did you remove “pro Users ” and “pro Pages”. from the side bar

for v3.9, im fix all alignment error for laptop and phone. try in

look at. kems230 (arm chris) look at my profil photo

We mean which website?

How can the user know what content he is subscribed to. The wallet only shows the amount he paid for the subscription. They should have a page where all the subscribed content or profiles are.

BunnyCDN for what exactly ?

For content storage. In addition, they also offer video encoding with an advanced player. The price of the service is more than good.

For content storage, Sngine already support that, Check this for example:

po file update problem!! I use poedit for translate messege from extra folder to my language which from Sngine 3.8 version then I use poedit update my translated messege.po from new messege.po in sngine 3.9 extra folder followed you instruction. But the result is my translated word or sentent place on wrong msgid.

For any technical questions or help you can open support ticket here and our team will help you because we will not give any technical support here via comments, emails or social media :

Future Feature Request-

Ability to separate ‘Friends’ into categories.

Example: Family; Friends; with all others who are not real friends you personally know then in a general category like Followers.

Thanks a lot for your feedback in the next future releases we will take this in our consideration.


Please also consider giving Admin the ability to set who can earn points (which packages) as well as how much points a user will earn for certain items based on the type of package they are registered upon.

It will make the site more dynamic to ensure those on higher PRO packages might be able to earn points at a higher rate or for more types of activities compared to lower PRO packages.

Plus something to consider is making all user accounts upon registration select if they are an Personal Profile of a Business Profile.

Then in time site owners can change the type of Profile display content based on that.

As a Business Profile might have other custom fields that need to be entered and their wording setup differently as compared to those from a Personal Profile.

Example a Business Profile might not have Friends listed so instead be named, Staff, Customers and Followers categories



Some of my users experience an issue where the website keeps reloading after the update. They say they cleaned the cache. How to fix this?

Deleted the compressed theme files, cleared the cloudflare cache.

For any technical questions or help you can open support ticket here and our team will help you because we will not give any technical support here via comments, emails or social media :

hello, the paid content system on sngine is very bad, especially on the SEO features. There is no description or explanation of the content being sold. So it is very difficult to find on search engines and those who see are confused about what kind of content is being sold.

My suggestion is to fix it immediately. Make the choice so that users can sell posts per view or only those who have subscribed can view the content. As well as users can provide a description of the content they sell.

Thanks a lot for your feedback in the next future releases we will take this in our consideration.

UPDATE 3.9 (the 2 new patch) – problem 3 step registration with auto-connect function

Hi, I contacted support and was advised to contact the development team directly via email (ok, I just wrote). I leave this post if it can be useful to others.

I refer to the last 2 recent patches released after upgrading to version 3.9:

- -

I would like to point out that the problem of the avatar image not appearing when clicking on the message icon from personal timeline board has been resolved.

However, with version 3.9, I have this problem despite the update to version 3.9 and despite the upload of files and folders as recommended in the comments to the two links posted above.


1) by activating the auto-connect function, users during registration are unable to complete the 3rd step of user profile customization (even if they indicate the location as per mandatory setting) 2) the user account is actually created correctly and also with active email, but the user cannot pass the 3rd step registration (but can access from the default login page).

The problem, therefore, is to resolve the fact that the user, after completing the third step, must be able to access his own account.

Yes we know but no one will able to reply to you even if they faced same issue our development team will be final end to fix it for you not the other who faced same issue if any

All right thank you. Sorry for using this space as unintended. However, I take the opportunity to point out that “the admin can correctly edit the user profile from the backoffice”. I had a problem with a chrome extension auto-filling input fields. kind regards

Sure we know and sorry at all you are totally welcome anytime

I was trying really hard to restrain myself from comenting the latest update, but I cannot. As being said many times before, you have a good script and your efforts of improving it and adding new features is highly appreciated. It really is a great script and I would not change it, but you rreally make us users cry sometimes. Now I have more like a general observation that bothers me, rather then a single issue to point out. I did a lot of modifications on my own over the past months and as I am not a coder that was really a painful and slow process. What I do not undertstand at all is why changing the whole default theme as an upgrade? That does not make any sense to me, by changing so many core files at once it was clear that there will be problems to sort out bugs and issues. In my case I have still not figured out how much work is going to be involved to fully upgrade as there so many files updated that I upload one by one until something breaks the site. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to ensure backwards compatibility of what has been the standard, default theme for so long and add the new theme as an additional option, especially since the script obviously supports that?

We always do this but this time that was mandatory and a lot files changed to move to newer version of Bootstrap v5+ instead of outdated v4+ and you can simply use a diff tools to migrate only your changes to new files. And Sngine comes with full report for this job where you can find every file changed or added or removed.

It’s will be time consuming work but it’s totally applicable and doable

For more info:

Patch Update [08/06/2023]

We fixed

  1. Profile picture when start chat from profile, market, popover …etc
  2. Replaced CDN for “Bootstrap” & “tinymce-i18n” with local files (JsDeliver CDN has some issues with some countries)
  3. Fixed “Forget Password” link position

All you have to do simply download Sngine again and upload and replace these files:

node_modules/bootstrap/ (Folder)
node_modules/tinymce-i18n/ (Folder)

Note: After that you need to remove any browser cache and cookies ( Check this to learn how: ) Reference:

Also this file: includes/class-user.php


John1440 Purchased

Since update 3.9 it is no longer possible for me to upload any photo in jpg, jpeg, webp And paying €75 every 6 months for support is getting a bit expensive for me. So I ask the support to make a move to help me out with this big problem with this update.

It’s not a bug in Sngine, so it your website issue and you need support to open a support ticket this how Codecanyon support policy works.

Kindly check Envato item support policy:

Zothecula Purchased

Since 3.9 update users can’t post story photos/videos, can’t post video url’s such as youtube, etc. Just fyi.

No working today fine


Z0D Purchased

How do you boost marketplace product, I tried boosting a product, I recently uploaded on demo site, but it didn’t work, nether can you see it on the admin panel to confirm

For any technical questions or help you can open support ticket here and our team will help you because we will not give any technical support here via comments, emails or social media :

Any new updates on fixes, errors or issues? Coming anytime soon???

Did you open a support ticket ?

inebunit Purchased

i tried a fresh install and i get error 500. any idea why? apache server with php 8.2 I checked server logs and there is no error so, that’s a script induced error. I don’t even see the install page or anything. Straight up error 500. I wish you would make the script tell us what’s wrong so we can fix it .. instead of a generic 500

We think it’s not ethical or professional to make error messages vague on purpose, Totally not accepted by us or even by Envato

This error message is like that for better UX and hide critical info of your website, However if you enabled debugging mode and enabled the logs will see the issue and this our support team work.

Support is a bit too expensive, it’s relevant. You will get six months of support while that you will get FREE updates for LIFETIME whatever support valid or not plus Sngine still the cheapest social networking script and the best in features on the world so it’s not fair to get free support too otherwise our team will not able to continue.

During we reply to your comment we release patch update to fix some minor issue, Which means our team has no problem to fix any thing related to our code because it’s our lovely job.

inebunit Purchased

oh man, you really came on me haha. i guess my comment was the last straw after many others. I’m glad you think is unethical to do vague error messages.

As for all the other things you mentioned, yes, i agree with you. Team needs to earn and the script really is awesome and will become even more so i believe :).

About the extended support’s price, like i said, i only play with it for now but i’m sure for people who have serious projects is worth it.

Even so, i’ll keep asking about minor stuff as even if you didn’t give technical support, your hints helped me focus on the possible problem with the 500 error thing.

Keep up the good work as we need this kind of script with all the censorships going on with the other social medias.

Thanks a lot for your lovely words and understanding and you are totally welcome any time :)


kraze2007 Purchased

Hello there is an issue with groups and pages the page descriptions ignore spacing so when people add long descriptions they loook terrible like run on sentences… however on people profiles its working correctly on the profile BIO is how the page and group descriptions should be Please can you tell me how I can edit it to be like the profile BIOS or can you please fix it asap thank you so much


kraze2007 Purchased

maybe? I don’t know if you do not understand me but the groups and pages are really terrible the way it is this should be considered a bug not a feature request

OK it will be included with next update :)


kraze2007 Purchased

excellent thank you very much

Hello! After updating the site from version 3.8 to 3.9 the browser is refreshing nonstop. Browser refreshing is happening only when i am logged in.

Totally messed up. Is there any new settings added in this new version that is keep refreshing the website?

Awaiting your sincere reply.

Thanks and Regards

For any technical questions or help you can open support ticket here and our team will help you because we will not give any technical support here via comments, emails or social media :


ecosa Purchased


Yes as @flexsocialbox mentioned

Even on Samsung devices the same problem appears with the Forgot Password being hidden behind the button.

Also can you please add more options that New and Used within the Marketplace (example – Services).

Plus maybe an option for person making a Marketplace Listing to say if it is added by a Private Individual or a Business

Additional Feature Request-

Admin ability to register new profiles from Admin Panel for new users if needed.


ecosa Purchased

Thank you. I believe it will make a big difference in the site dynamics.

Will you release a patch to fix the current CSS display problem with Forgot Password being behind the button on Mobile Devices?



ecosa Purchased

Your team is the best. Thank you


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