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Hello guys! I will buy this Script soon, but i nedd your help to choose a good server… What server/company would you recommend to run Sngine? Thank you!

You can start with shared hosting then VPS then Dedicated server then Cloud Hosting like AWS.

Sngine requires Apache Server, PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.0+ to run Before install Sngine please make sure that mysqli, mod_rewrite, cURL, intl extensions and getimagesize() and mail() functions are enabled on your server. you can ask your hosting company to make sure to enable it for you

Hello, I purchased this script 2 days ago and having difficulties installing it. My php version in my server is (native php 5.6), but i got an error while installing.When i changed the php version to either lower or higher my wordpress webstie went down and and i got a database error.

I think there is a php module in the script that is not available in native php5.6. But i dont know the module. Can the module be installed in native php5.6

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How can a normal user can buy pro packages? where it is in user dashboard?

Kindly add another payment gateway API for receiving bitcoin. Like Coin payments or blockchain. Bcz stripe has many more rules and regulations and it won`t support all countries. Coin payments support more than 100 + currencies in single platform. Pls apply this platform.

and i not able to change favicon of site…i tried and upload so many times but it wont reflect on site.

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Hey! It seems to be a great thing. I want to purchase it but before that i have some concerns related. 1. Will the features be the same as shown in the demo site? (i mean everything for e.g registration process, sidebars for suggesting groups, pages, friends, whole chat system etc as shown already.) 2. Will it be good to go for a large scale project? I Mean security issues? 3. Are you using any framework? 4. Do i need to keep updating everytime from your side? so it’s like wordpress kind of thing? like we need to keep updating WP else a security issues. Please suggest. Thanks and great work!

Thanks a lot for your support and lovely words :)

1- Yes

2- Yes as long as you handled the required server resources for your traffic and Sngine is 100% secured and faster network on Codecanyon.

Also Sngine is #1 on PageSpeed Test from Google Sngine (95 / 100): Phpdolphin(86 / 100): Socialkit (38 / 100): Wowonder (72 / 100):

3- No pure PHP

4- Yes, after each release you will get a notification email from Codecanyon and you will download the new version and will be included the update instructions and it’s very simple process.

That’s cool thanks for the reply and yeah 1 last question does it come with the android app and how about iOS app? and is the app native? hybrid?

Sngine comes with 3 web-view apps for Android, IOS and Windows Phone and the Android app support the camera with no problem and all Sngine features working fine with the app.

jenkins33 Purchased

How do I add a image/upload a image in the marketplace section? I created a new product but unsure on how to add a product image.

The same way you upload images to your post

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Sir! The sngine app is webview i want android app like facebook android app so if you make app like facebook android app so many people will buy this product including me

Thanks a lot for your feedback :)

I am not able to download the files, error appears can correct the

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By the way your support period has been expired and you need to extend your support to get more support meanwhile you will get all updates for free and lifetime but you will not be able to open any new ticket for support.

I do not want support, I just want to download the files, in the codecanyon site, I can download other scripts and I can not get yours.

We didn’t say you need our support! we told you to contact us from the contact form:

And we just inform you that “By the way” your support has been expired just in case you will need our support.


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Hello, Has sngine an api interface so that I can create a login possibility on other portals so that the user can log on with the sngine user data Practically the same as the Facebook login

No, But thanks for your feedback :)

facebook ads feature is available?

Sngine support Ads already, check the demo version and demo admin for more info

I buy a SSL/ HTTPS for my domain, but after istalling Https to it my site won`t reflect on server. It does`nt reflect on site. Is thr any additional setting frm admin or in backend to update? Please guide me how to enable HTTPS in my website? Pls help me

Check this blog post and will help you:

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why i can not send message to people is this is only for demo ? i do not even see button for send message in private chat and every time i select person to send him privet message than after selected him it ask me again to who you want send the message . so this is only in demo or when i will buy it i will find it the same ?