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Nice work, Good luck with sales bro :)

Thank you.

You’re great talent. I wish you the best.

Thank you.

Hi Mr. Tien, great idea!

It seems I’ll need this plugin for my next projects if it runs smoothly & stably. I’m interested in the Page Builder & some extended fields of Customizer.

Anywhere I can check the backend & test it before purchasing?

Many thanks

Cuong Tran

Oh. I am proud when a big author like you asking about it. Just contact me here:


So I can send you the plugin trial file, then you can test with your local host sites.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve sent the contact & look forwards to hearing from you soon! ;)

Sorry when late replying. I sent the file to your email. Please help me checking it. Thank you very much.

Hi tiennguyenvan!

You’re a great programmer.


Thank you.

hello look nice do you have documentation for plugin? were can i to see page builder features?

Yes. We have online document, you can read here: http://doc.sneeit.com/

You can also contact me here: http://codecanyon.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

So we can send the trial file for you to test. In this time, we need to hear all developer feedback and suggestion.

Really great. Is it possible to add repeating fields in shortcode builder and use it to page builder ? i mean if i purchase, am i able to make custom shortcode and control it from page builder like Visual Composer page builder.

Thanks in advance

Yes. You can add nested declaration to make repeat fields / chide shortcodes. Example when you need some shorcode like this:



The UI of Framework will allow user add / remove and drag/drop to change order.

You can define any shortcode you want.

We have online document, you can read here: http://doc.sneeit.com/

You can also contact me here: http://codecanyon.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

So we can send the trial file for you to test. In this time, we need to hear all developer feedback and suggestion.

Hello, Nice Product,

Does it support wysiwyg editor in repeater fields? Also is date & time picker available.

If possible put it on a demo site with all features enabled.


Yes. It supports WP_Editor in repeater fields. Date & time picker will be available soon.

Can’t we get the url of the demo site to test the features? :) Anyway seems promising..

At this time, we are developing the first theme using this framework. After that, we will have a live demo.

We also sent the trial version to your email. We are collecting all suggestions and feedback of theme developers for version 2.0. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.


I’m designing Wordpress theme for sale. Currently I took so much time for the theme back-end.

I need a tool that only generate the back-end codes (not as dependency for the theme).

I need to make color preset & custom color, custom header image, custom logo, background CSS3 repeat pattern preset, and custom background image.

I need to know if Sneeit Framework fits my needs.


The plugin will handle back-end user interface for you. Just define arrays and plugin will build up everything.

But with front-end, you must handle by yourself, of course.

“version 2.0. ” ??

Dear. Sorry when late reply. Version 2.0 will be available in next week. I am working to finish “ONE CLICK INSTALLATION” feature, hope you will satisfy with the next version.

I released version 2.0. Did you checkout the 2.0? Hope to hear your feedback.

would be nice to already have a demo setup, like an include with an example of the array fields

Hello PigLabs.

You can watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0N65mSMXjM

Find more on: http://doc.sneeit.com/

In next version, I will also include example theme to the download package.

Thank you very much for the feedback.

Can’t find any info about repeatable meta fields and groups. Also does it support conditionals in fields?

Hello. I will add those feature in next version soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

can I use this and edit to make my theme for selling.

Yes of course if you purchase the extend license.

I will release a new version in next couple days which support Theme Options and some improvements. Just waiting until that release to purchase. Thanks.

I released version 3.1. Now, you can check it out. Thanks.

does it generate a standalone theme backend I mean do we still have to include the plugin with theme after it generates backend?

Yes of course because it is a plugin. The way you said about is a tool.

just checking cause I was confused thought it might be a framework type of tool like you said… And that means i need extended license then im sure to sell in themeforest my own theme.

Yes. You need an extended license when you are sure to sell your theme on any market.

I am selling MagOne theme here: https://themeforest.net/item/magone-responsive-magazine-news-wordpress-theme/14342350 which is also using Sneeit Framework.

Hello, just wanted to let you know about the provided video link. Somewhat confusing, because it leads to the “MagOne” theme video. Is this on purpose? I also found the actual “Sneeit” video, which has a different URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0N65mSMXjM

I show video of MagOne because that theme is using Sneeit Framework. About the second video you showed me, that is the old version.

Aah, I see. Sorry for the “panic”.


iLen Purchased

Hello, you can add menu and submenu in the left sidebar wp admin ?, and within each menu has fields in each tabs?


iLen Purchased

csshero.org ?


iLen Purchased

Awesome, other level


iLen Purchased

Hi again, you can add filters fields among others? ie I can add fields before or after fields through filters?

It’s not at this time. My opinion is making a compact framework where you can ready to use instead of waste of time to customize.

this looks great – am going to use it on our next project!

That’s a nice suggestion. Thank you very much. I added that into my update list.

At this time, I am working on some front end compact features (like menu, responsive elements, article blocks and sticky / floating boxes, ...) so when waiting my update, you can try this plugin first:


Cool – fyi i just bought your theme as well to see how you implement your own framework! :)

Thank you very much.


Do we get all the options we saw in video or just some? For example, all shortcodes, page builder elements etc? Is it possible to see/get a demo? Without trying it I’m just unsure will it do all the work we need or not. Thank you.

Hello. You will get all.

You can check this theme: https://themeforest.net/item/magone-responsive-magazine-news-wordpress-theme/14342350

It’s using the plugin.

Ok, for example, feature like music menu item from demo, with posts being loaded on hover is included in plugin? Big slider with posts also? Documentation seems quite short to me, so i would just like to clarify. For example, i saw i should add all shortcodes i want, one by one in functions file, but how do i know where to find names of those i would like to add? Or page builder elements? Is there a list somewhere with all shortcodes, builder elements, available widgets…?

The plugin will help you with the back end, not the front end (I will add more feature for front end in next version), so the ajax posts of menu are from theme, not the plugin. Same for slider.

You will add shortcodes as you want by providing name, id, icons, fields and display callback (function name) to the plugin. Then you will display content of the shortcode by using the function name that you provided as display callback.

All shortcodes will be listed in page builder.

just curious why the huge price increase? I wouldn’t mind but this doesn’t look like its been updated in 6 months… did you add the import/export feature you had mentioned? thanks

cool makes sense – look forward to seeing the updated version!

Hello. New version is available. Thanks.

awesome will take a look at it later today