Discussion on SneakScript | Web Thumbnails Api Script

Discussion on SneakScript | Web Thumbnails Api Script

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what are the server requirements? how thumbnails are generated? any additional library needs to be installed?

The Script need:
  • Module wkhtmltopdf installed
  • Linux Server only
  • PHP version required 5.6

Thumbnails are generated via wkhtmltopdf; you can choose sizes, trademark, etc. The cron, allow you to generate thumbnails constantly, without dry the server resources.
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Good luck with selling! :)

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very cool work ! all the best for your sales ;)

I really appreciate, thanks! :)

Must have wkhtmltopdf plugin installed on my server? As the User will generate the thumb is do not have the place to insert the url. You have to put the url and tamnho direct thumb in the code?

Hello Copymax, no problem you can ask any time.
As i said, SneakScript is the result of one partnership with

The idea is that anyone can create their own Snapshot platform, without using external services.

Thanks to this collaboration, was born SneakScript which in practice is the “core” of; It works the same way.

The script does not have an interface where you can manually create a web thumbnail, but it works with a API.
If we see that the public ask of even this option, it will integrate into future versions.
Examples on the result (web previews), are present in the demo site, but how well you will understand, it is difficult to create the demonstrations when the script works automatically and generates snaps.
However, when the script is installed, you have access to a simple back end.
From here, simply copy the code examples already present, add the measurements, the url of the website you want to appear and paste on any web page.

In case you have a dynamic websites (such as a directory for example) where the image positions are established, you just paste the code of your script and add an <? php echo $url? > instead to the web address.
In this way, without having to do anything, SneakScript generate the previews of all the different sites every time the page is opened.
These are just some examples that you can do in this script; and please also consider that you can use it along with the exclusive WP Plugin that allows you to show previews of any external links present in your posts ( Test it).
Feel free to ask any time.
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and how do I know if my hosting has xx plugin installed? If you have not installed the admin will not want to install the plugin. How would I do in this case, if my server does not have the plugin and want to install them in?

SneakScript need wkhtmltopdf installed.
Is not difficult, and take less that 5 minuts for the installation.
Unfortunely you can test if available on your server only via ssh with this code:
wkhtmltopdf google.pdf

This one is a good article that explaine how install it on your server. You can ask any time.
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very good work !

in order to understand what the problem is, I have to ask you if the htmltopdf module is installed correctly; have you taken the test via SSH?
Please send me an email to with the related data to be able to access the web space in order to ceck the configuration of the script.
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Can I use this plugin to generate website thumbnails for my ste: instead of pagepeeker service? I need something that will generate thumbnails and save them on same website server to have better image seo. Thank you!

I do not know.
I only know that your server is in the Netherlands.

I do not know specific, I should have more detailed information.
If you want you can send me an email to support @ and we’ll talk about it.


i not have found any info about components of this VPS, i am sorry, i actually not trust thid provider. I have use for several years for me, and customers as well:
Performances/costs are good and I have already set up the script to dedicated and VPS servers, i know here works very well

Does this work with php v7?

yes sure: Software Version PHP 7.x, PHP 5.6

Feel free to ask any question.