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SnapPreneur is an app that lets you run a platform for photographers to showcase beautifully their portfolios and accept messages and bookings from end users/clients. You can easily customize it.

For Photographers:

  • Sign Up and Sign In
  • Reset Password if you forgot it
  • Create Porfolio/Profile
  • Specialized Categories I.e. Wedding, Outdoors, Nature
  • Upload Covers for each Category
  • Upload Images for each Categories
  • Set and Showcase Pricing Package
  • Receive and View Agenda Bookings from clients
  • Receive Messages from clients
  • Create Bio
  • Enable Notification
  • Receive Notification on a New Booking
  • Receive Notification on a new Message
  • For Clients:

  • View Covers and Specialized Categories of different Photographers
  • View Photographers Portfolio and work
  • Book a Photographer
  • Choose based on Pricing or Purely on Porfolio
  • Contact any Photographer through messaging
  • View Photographer’s bio
  • You can use any component, build upon it and add your own features or use the entire app as is, its totally up to you Online Docs:

    It is built using react-native and Firebase as the back-end and admin interface.

    Application Admin using Firebase:

  • You can easily manage users- add, edit or remove users.
  • Reset Password
  • Disable/Ban Account
  • Get Reports i.e. Daily Active Users, Monthly Active Users and Get App crashes info.
  • Demo URL:
  • The demo apk is a signed apk version – meaning there’s no security compromises for your mobile device.
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