Snapify - Backup and Move WordPress Easily

Snapify - Backup and Move WordPress Easily

Snapify lets you finally move your WordPress website easily


We felt how bad it was to move WordPress sites, configuring unnecessary extract options, unpacking, replacing URLs and tweaking files – We didn’t find any truly simple and automatic solution out there, so we decided to create this easy to use product. We hope you will find it useful like we did. For more information you can visit us at:

1) On your Create a backup file.
2) On your Upload the backup file and execute Snapify install script.
3) Then the website is identical to your works under!

Video Demo

Check out our video demonstration:
Video Demonstration


Backup every aspect of your WordPress site (database, plugins, content, themes and settings)
Does not require WordPress to be installed first – uses Snapify install script.
1 Click export no FTP required
Download backup as a zip file.
Full Documentation & Video Demonstration included.
Buy once – backup site unlimited times
Auto detect new server settings upon install
No cloud required
Compatible with old PHP & MySQL versions
Optimized for low end machines
Restore site in one click
Handles .htaccess correctly
Handles Unicode
Stream Download – Backup’s on the fly without using space
Windows OS support


Snapify’s Reviews

Known Issues

If you have a large website Snapify may take a while to process, please be patient (10,20,30 minutes +).
Does not handle multi-site as one website yet.
Does not work with cloudflare at the moment.
Does not work with hostings that have a low php execution time that can’t be changed or can’t use/install the php zip extension
Please contact us before buying if you think you have one of these problems


1.3.3 – (8/8/17)

  • Compress Performance Improvement
  • Advanced Options Toggle UI
  • Add InnoDB option in Installer when “row too big”.
  • Added smart automatic backup method (when advanced toggle is off)

1.3.2 – (8/3/2017)

  • Support complex table manipulation
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

1.3.1 – (6/27/2017)

  • Windows OS support
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

1.3.0 – (6/8/2017)

  • Stream Download – doesn’t require space on the server and shows progress
  • Major performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

1.0.2 – (3/30/2017)

  • Added Force UTF8 option when backupping (fixes several encoding errors)
  • Added debug-log
  • Created more verbose error messages
  • Fixed UI elements in the installer
  • Bug Fixes & Performance improvements to the system
  • Enhance the documentation and add solutions for common problems.

1.0.1 – (2/13/2017)

  • Add support to MySQLi in addition to MySQL modules
  • Added a Video Tutorial
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements to the system


1) Install the Snapify plugin on your WordPress Site
2) Export!
3) Upload Exported files to new server and click install!
4) Done!

What does Snapify do technically?

Snapify basically takes all of your website’s files and stores them in a zip file with an export of your database in an SQL format.
In addition to that snapify adds some `metadata` like your old path (so we could replace it later on) and encoding your database used.
When you want to restore all that, snapify does it automatically.


We try our best to help you: contact us