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Link for the demo apk is not working


cinomt Purchased

any update?

I bought this apk from the seller and my new developers tell me this apk contains error codes. I have tried to contact you but you are not responding.I’m highly disappointed in your service and product.I’ll never recommend anybody to purchase from you.

Can i public videos?

No video sharing at the moment but we have much more features on our new update.

Demo apk dont work! Android 6

I’m looking into that ASAP

You stated in the logs version 2.0, and download link to version 1.0!!!

I forgot to increment the new version of the app to 2.0

Hi Aroniez,

I created database and follow all configuration but backend doesn’t work. it says page not found. since i bought this app i did not receive any reply from the author. please help for this matter.

this is my email here: moussabinko@gmail.com

This is what your installation instruction said to follow Using your browser navigate to yourdomain/install/index.php.

install folder is missing

Please buy this app you will never regret. Support, code quality everything is good. Aaron helped me a lot. Thank you Aaron for this app.

I am about to buy this app, is the install folder included or missing. Is it working in Android 6.0+ ?

Yes it supports android 6.0+ It includes backend scripts and android studio code

Does this app have features like the snapchat filters

The demo apk is not working

Now check the updated demo

How fast is the support system? Can I have few modifications?

The support system is fast enough. Check mail for reply