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Looks promising! I hope you would be able to make an extra feature which is selling ad spaces through woocommerce!


Thanks! We’ll take a look at that :)

Hi, thank you for this plugin,, please some questions : 1- is this plugin accept html or code ads ? 2- can I sell ads to users or customers? if yes,, can I send them static page about the impression or clicks on their ads? 3- is this plugin ads have clicks and impression ? 4- do you have any affiliate system in this plugin? thank you

Hey there! The plugin is mainly for putting out your own image ads in a simple and straight forward way, and track their clicks and impressions – something that I found hard to do with existing solutions.

With Snap Ads, you just pick an image (similar to how you pick a featured image), then add the URL and you’re done. Select it in a widget or use the shortcode to display.

1- You can only serve images you uploaded into your WP site, 2- There is no purchasing system, 3- it tracks clicks, impressions, device type (desktop, tablet, or phones), and the referrer page, 4- it doesn’t have an affiliate system

Can you rotate a set selection of ads through a shortcode?

Yes, this is possible. Please do refer on this page on how to rotate ads using shortcode: http://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/110-shortcode-usage

Can we make a slider of rotate ads? eg. banner slider with random the first displayed banner.

Rotating Ads is meant to change ads in every refresh of the page. But you can place Snap Ads in any Slider that can support shortcodes.

Hello. Excellent plugin, many thanks! I know you have said you would look in to selling ads, I hope there will a possibility for users who bought ad space to see their reports.

This is likely to be added when the ad space selling feature becomes available.


Thanks for the effort.

Unfortunately right after install I have the following error :

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /wp-content/plugins/snap-ads/class-snap-ads.php on line 385

Can you advice please?


Thank you for giving us a more detailed information regarding the error. Our developers are now working for the fixes.
A new update will be uploaded later on the same day. :)

hi there. Is there any updates on this please?

Yes, we just updated the plugin. You may download it from the plugin page or by auto updates.

What do you mean with ’’100% free from adblockers’’? People with adblockers will be able to see the adblocker? Also, how do you track the clicks and views advertisements have had, is it through google analytics ?

When we said 100% free from ad-blockers, this will mean that the ad still appears in your page even if the ad-blocker is on.

As for tracking, we have statistics where it records and tables with the amount of Impressions (how many times the ad was viewed), the amount of clicks and CTA percentage. Our plugin calculate them per day and overall.

hello I wonder if there is any way to configure the plugin to leave a particular ad in a particular category and a particular place.

We currently don’t have a category for ads at the moment. Despite that, this is actually a good idea. I’ll let our developers know about your idea. Noted this down for suggestion. :)

Hello is there any option to show information for example “advertise” near ads? I need inform users about showing ads.

Do you mean a caption beside the snap ads? If this is what you meant, there is a way using the default WordPress text widget.

Pre-purchase question: This plugin looks like it does everything I need – A few clarifying questions. There are no categories, but as I understand it you can just place the ads you want rotated in a shorcode wrapper – [snap_ad_container display="rotate"][/snap_ad_container] Is there any documentation for the shortcode its features/parameters? Is there a limit to the number of ads that can be rotated?

Also in the backend of the demo the current ads table displays with a bunch of warnings: Warning: ksort() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/demos/public/wp-content/plugins/snap-ads/class-ad.php on line 313

Is this a side effect of the demo site or something I should expect to see if I purchase the plugin?

Currently, the Snap Ads doesn’t have categories. But we are planning to add this in the future versions.

Adding multiple Snap Ads will only require the same [snap_ad_container] display="rotate"[/snap_ad_container] exclusively for rotating ads.

Last but not the least, the warning only appears when the debug mode is on. This is not necessarily a bug and doesn’t appear on your site unless debug mode is on. But with regards to this, we might as well do some clean up with the coding as well. :)

1 other pre-sale question. The demo doesn’t display the dashboard you show as an image on both the plugin page on code canyon or the front end of the demo. I just want to make sure this is available in the plugin before we purchase it.

Currently, our developers are working on fixing the Demo Site, although the plugin should be just working fine.

As soon as we managed to fix the Demo Sandbox, we’ll let you know. :)

Is this plugin abandoned? It’s been a while since the last update, and the demo has PHP errors.

This plugin is not yet abandoned. And thank you for the heads up. I’ll send a follow up regarding this matter to our devs. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Is it possible to reset statistics for a particular ad after it runs for a while?

Apologies for the late reply. There is no actual way to reset statistics at the moment. But if you wish to view ads specifically on certain days, we have detailed tables for that. But since this idea sounds cool, I’ll note this down as a suggestion for the next version. :)

are you still support this amazing scripts ? Can we used cross over domain ?

Yes, we still support Snap Ads. :) What do you exactly mean by cross over domain? Do you mean by adding iframes by any chance?

To explain how Snap Ads work, the plugin will create an ad from your advertisment images and will display stats and gives you a control on how and when it will be viewed. :)

Do I understand correctly that this shows ads only on the websites in which it is installed? Ie, it does not do anything approaching Ad Sense and the like.

Yes, the ads only show on the websites it is installed. Just to clarify as well that Snap Ads works like a Custom Post type where you can include your own ads, then you can attach Ads into your Page. If you want to add a more relevant ads to different pages, you can actually add a category for certain ads and add the certain category on the pages you prefer.

Snap Ads also shows statistics on how many times the ad has been viewed or clicked and you can also set a certain duration or amount of times it can be viewed. :)