Discussion on Snake - HTML5 Game

Discussion on Snake - HTML5 Game

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Hi, how much is to reskin the game ? And can it be used as webview in the mobile apps locally ?

To make a quotation we need more details about the graphic style required, please write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com. You can also reskin the game by yourself by replacing all the files in the sprites folder with new ones of the same size and format. If you have good coding skills you can modify the game to use it in mobile apps. Please note that we can’t offer support for eventual issues met during the porting operation.

Is it possible to store the score and show the highest score?

hello, to do this you have to modify the game’s code. If you want us to customize the game for you, write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation

Hi there, how can I load a gif instead of png file on the credit panel? when i use gif file the animation is not working.

Hello, we can’t ensure 100% that the game supports the .gif format because we have never tested it in this way. But if you provide us the .gif you want to implement we can acquire the sequence of images and implement them in the game. If you are interested write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation.

Can this be converted to iOS app?

some of our customers hire freelancers to do this job!

Good luck with your sales

Hello. Is it possible to run the game from an iframe after it has been customized?

yes, it’s possible

I need help with some things: 1. I want to disable the information buttons and the survival game option, I just want to show the adventure game on menu 2. It is possible to block access to levels in which only one level can be played, if it is overcome previous? 3. How the score is stored, I need to take it to show it in my own ranking. Thanks

hello, write us to support[at]codethislab[dot]com to get a quotation for this customization

Hi I have purchased a few of your games now they are all great :-) keep up the great work. I also plan to buy many more in the future. I have one question i would like the sound to be on by default as at the moment when the game runs the sound is off and has to be turned on. Can you please tell me how to change this? I am comfortable making small edits in the code, if you could just let me know what part I need to edit. Many thanks Lee

If you liked our games, please leave us an item rating :) It’s really important for us :) Thank you in advance!

I have left you a glowing 5 star review :-) thanks again

thank you very much!!!

hi, can I make reskin on the game using unity ?

hello, to reskin the game you have to replace all the files in the sprites folder with new ones of same size and format. The re-skin must be 1:1 if you don’t want to change any line of code

Hi do you have any idea how to make this game a server side javascript instead of now client side?

hello, in skill games the result depends on user’s skills, for this reason all logics must stay client side and can’t be moved server side

is there any way to add touch drag support to this game?

to add touch drag support t the game we have to modify the code, we have sent you more info replying to your pm

is it integrate with ads? Which service? How it work?

If you use the game with our CTL Arcade it will be already ready to host ads, otherwise we can customize it to add an ads placeholder. For further info, write at

Hi ,

I tried playing the game using iphone 6 , but the snake is not coming up , there is only screen but not the actual game .

How to solve this problem , and does all the other phones has this problem.


Hi! We are already working to fix the issue. A new version of the game will be soon available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How to grow up zoom snake? In Iphone 5 I have problem with game, because have small display. Pls optimise it in soon. I need it.

Hi! I’m sorry but It’s not possible to grow up the zoom snake.

sorry, it is my bug. It work!

Hi!We are already working to fix the issue, a new version of the game will be soon available.

Are you include source code? I want to add leaderboard.

yes source code is included

can you optimize control of snake in the mobile? I want to control the snake with finger. And how to activeted austostart when game show? Only survival version. Thank you.

please send an email at

ok. sent you letter. Pls check it.

The game won’t start cause if a little typo.

In the sprite map you have a file called “cherry.png”, the code is trying to find “Cherry.png”. The first letter is written in a capital letter.

After changing the name to “Cherry.png” all is working well. ;)

Regards Jerome

Hi Jerome! Thank you for noticing the typo. Evidently your web server is case sensitive, that’s why the game didn’t run. But we are fixing the mistake to avoid problems :)

Hello I have a problem in the adventure mode at level 2 the snake eats the purple fruit but in the left pane does not come I have eaten the object

Hi! We are already working to fix this issue.A new version of the game will be available asap. Thank you for warning us :)

Is it possible to export it as android game (apk)?

Hi! Some of our customers use phonegap/ludei and cordova to port our games to mobile apk successfully.

No Construct 2?!? THANK YOU!!

Hi! This game is made in pure HTML5/js with the support of third-party CreateJS library . It’s a pure JS hard coded games. :D You’d rather got it in C2??? :P


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