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Nice job but where is game center?

take my money, but need GameCenter.

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That’s funny…the guy’s name is “ILoveCoding” but he can’t just add GameCenter to this code?? Just sayin’ it’s kinda ironically funny!!

Anyway, the game compiles fine with no errors and only a few warnings and it does exactly what you think it will…it Works!! Pure Objective-C and UIKit.

It really doesn’t do much (no Levels, no data persistence, no good job / bad job comments, no bonus stuff, no bad guys) but it does work fine for what it does do. Hey, at least the snake grows longer every time your score :)

The actual coding is pretty decent but it is curious Storyboards were not used (XIB instead) and super strange the project does not use ARC which was the best thing to ever come to Xcode starting in version 4.2. I just have to assume the code is very old, freshened up with some new graphics. You can easily convert it to ARC of course with a very basic project like this.

Best part…the post on Facebook and Twitter buttons actually work !! Unlike the last couple of codes I bought here where the buttons just didn’t work, they DO actually work here. They also use a little technique to do a quick Screen Capture on your final screen (with the score) as the image for your posting instead of using just a static image.

Can this game be made universal (iphone+ipad)?

no any iphone

Great game! I think people will be ok without Game Center personally.

I do have three questions/comments:

- On the “Game Over” page, when I tap the Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail buttons, the app crashes. I am using iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.

- When a user starts the game, is there a way you could put the “play” button in the middle of the screen? I have tested on some users, and some people did not realize they had to press the button to start playing since it is kind of hidden.

- Right now it looks like most of the graphics except the launch screen are for iPhone 5. Since iPhone 6+ is almost double the resolution of iPhone 5, I was wondering if I can just double the resolution of the graphics? For example, change the Back Button from 69×71 to 138×142, etc. Or would you have to adjust the code so that I can do that?

Overall, nice work! People really enjoy playing it, and for the most part haven’t had many problems with it.


Do you provide customer support on the bugs? Apple will not accept the app with the crashing.


I would not advise anyone to purchase this code. Apple will not accept the app, since it has multiple links that are broken that consistently crash the app.

I have messaged the developer privately, and posted multiple times on this forum. Unfortunately, he does not provide any customer support on his apparently unfinished app.

What framework is used in the source code?


I bought this code source and interstitial admob is not show, how i can shown interstitial admob in game, i put interstitial ad unit and it is not show

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hi do you have this for android?

no but i will able to make Android app please add me on skype id : niteshsuvagia