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Can’t thank you enough mate, gone above an beyond any other developer I’ve encountered on here in terms of communication and practical help. Keep on as you are and you’ll clean up here.

5 stars aint enough!

Is this supposed to work on photos that are already on the website, or just for new photos? I tried to use it and it didn’t work for me.

It happens on all photos (new and old) – Is your .htaccess file writable?

Input button for upload is not working – click it and nothing happens – using latest stable version of WordPress

Hi David

Is your WP setup on the root folder or a sub folder ie: /blog/?

What is your website URL ?

It is in a sub folder of /blog/ – the button is completely inactive – Safari on a MacBook Air, Safari on a MacBook and Firefox on a MacBook

Blog it is installed on is http://talk2pn.co.uk/blog/ – the .htaccess file was updated properly – the admin interface is the part that is failing for me

Hi David

I believe it is because you have the install of WP in a sub folder – We are busy writing a fix now. If you cannot wait, please send a ticket to support@splitmango.com and I’ll address this for you there.


I just purchased your plugin. I attempted to upload my watermark image (.png) and the upload button is not responding.

Please advise.

I also sent you an email.

Sorry for the delay – I have already replied to your email. Did you not get it?

I received your e-mail.

How long do you anticipate the new fixed version of your plugin will be available for download?

It is in the queue, it is a very small bug. This week we hope. In the mean time if you upload your image via the media library link on the left and then copy paste the file URL into the image part of the plugin it will work.

Ok, I was able to figure out a work-around.

I uplaoded my watermark image (PNG), then obtained the link to that image, then pasted into the field in the smWatermark interface next to the upload image button.

This button is unreponsive, but I found that when I scrolled down and clicked the “Save Changes” button, the watermark image uploaded OK.

Just a suggestion, but you might want to make the “upload image” button work, or just get rid of it.

Thanks for the comments! We are releasing a newer version soon that fixes the small bug.

Hi SplitMango,

I reinstalled wordpress with a fresh (emtpy) database on my site. I installed your plugin. It worked, but then stopped working. I am not sure if antoehr plugin interfered or something. My htaccess file is writable. I have verified that smWatermark is writing to htacess when I save changes in smWatermark.

I have submitted a support ticket: #2150 Watermark was working, then stopped working

Thanks! We are looking into our support request and will reply to the ticket! Sorry to hear you are having a few issues.


My “Upload Image” button doesn’t work too.

I uploaded my watermark image (PNG), then obtained the link to that image, then pasted into the field in the smWatermark interface next to the upload image button.

I scrolled down and clicked the “Save Changes” button, but the watermark image upload doesn’t work. There is only an “X”.



What is your website URL ?

The website URL is http://www.froemml.ch/

Just wondering will this plugin watermark all images on the site, or just in the media uploads, is there any plan to restrict this to only watermarking featured images and images inserted into all post types, as i do use buddypress and also have images in my library which i use in my actual theme, i.e logo, backgrounds, dividers etc


It will watermark all images but you can set a minimum width size.

Thanks David

Hi David, back again I’m afraid. Trying this on a different site and it’s causing a significant performance issue on load times, not to mention stopping image caching working. Any idea why? Seems that switched on, it checks every image every time, rather than add already marked images to a database and ignoring them.


Just downloaded and installed, Wordpress has the plugin in the plugin list, installed as well, but… can’t see the menu option to configure? :( can you help me out?

Kind regards


I’‘ve purchased and installed the plugin, but there is no link in “Settings” or everywhere else to SMWatermark….

Hello. Please contact support@splitmango.com

Hi I just sent you a message on the support email above. Having a problem. Can’t see the watermark.


Hello. Please contact support@splitmango.com

I only want one category to have a watermark. Is this possible?

Didnt click email button

No sorry.

I only want one category to have a watermark. Is this possible?

I was wondering if it’s possible to show watermarked images only if someone downloads any or when the images are indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..) I basically do not want to have any watermarks visible on my website till someone downloads any or see them in e.g. google images. Is it possible with your plugin? Thanks

Hey. Sorry this is not possible with the plugin.