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It is up now. Thanks

Hello Nice plugin you have here and planning to buy it. I have a request and would be glad if you can include it. Scheduled or reminder SMS – to get sms at a specific time/date. An sms template is created for the reminder, admin can add name, phone number and date, can choose the option of recurrence like every 30 day or 1 year etc, being able to set groups of scheduled or reminder SMS would be nice too. Also the possibility of importing bulk name, number and date via csv.

The new feature will be implemented after evaluation, but if you need only this feature, you can request for a more specific plugin..

Ok. How can I reach you for that.

My profile page. Send E-mail via my profile page

Hello, I have a client who is currently using your plugin. He has requested that I assist in adding a payment gateway. Your documentation does not include the steps of adding a custom gateway. Please advice

hi can you send details of the payment gateway, it may be among the ones I added in version 2.1

Dear Support. Assist as follows;

1. Advise if you can integrate this payment integration API – I can give you all the credentials you need. This is what is making me not use the module I bought and loved. Its not useful if that cant work.

2. On the menu “compose-sms” we have the filed “Sender” which is the senderID. Can this field be specific and not changeable by a user? Each client/user should have their own sender hence should not be editable only admin can edit. This will make a user not use another users Sender ID. This is also very key for me to deployment.

Otherwise a great product.


email from mr[at]mrparagon[dot]me. Do check your inbox and spam box. Please move to inbox if email was found in spam box.

Hi I’m still waiting for you reply, 2.1 will be released soon

Hi emails sent your email bounced back

Great support…

He did you see my email containing information about the beta version

Hey. Interested with the product so much but I have a few reservations: 1)the manage sender ID feature seems to have it form broken or not functioning properly. 2)secondly and most important, I would like to offer my services across several countries but the plugin limits the user to a choice of one country. 3) Lastly and least if you like, can the plugin be tweaked to offer two way SMS? This means it be enabled for short codes or long

Hi I have replied to your email. Thanks for your interest..

Hi It is up now. Thanks for letting me know

no its not working-and don’t worry I a have lost interest

Sorry, all is sorted, the site is loading gracefully

I would love to see the backend. Your provided Login admin/admin is not working on the demo…

Hi! You can use username:demo and password:demodemo Thanks