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Does this have its own SMS gateway, or does it require Twilio ?

SMSPress includes Twilio and about 4 more SMS gateways and more coming.

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This is great work, but it doesn’t seem to be mobile responsive.

Hi, Layout depends on the wordpress theme in use. All Front features are responsive.

Great Work! Good Luck!!!

Thanks so much

panel of admin not work, also i have a question. you can add any provider gateway?.

Hi I can add new providers. Which provider do you wish to add?

If you cannot access admin portal, create a new user account.

I just registered on your website as “favored4real”. Please upgrade my account to admin so that I can also preview the demo admin dashboard. Thanks.

Hi You now have admin privileges. Thanks for your interest in my plugin.

Hi, your plugin is not mobile responsive, i wish i could upload screenshots here. That is the only thing stopping me from buying all this while. And if its theme as you replied someone who made reference to this issue before, can you pls change your demo theme? I think your demo theme deservers a premium theme rather than free theme so that we can have a perfect experience of how the plugin works. Pls work on this.

Hi The core pages of the plugin is built on twitter bootstrap, the rest depends on the wordpress theme in use.


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Hi dollarsign, before I can get your sms script. I would love to find out something. Can I use this script to run an online sms business. Accessible in different countries at the same time ? eg using one installation but sending into different countries ?

You can use any wordpress theme, It works perfectly with bootstrap themes. The plugin is not attached to any theme. The demo site is just an example.


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Do you also Have Plans to set up different sms prices for different countries ?

Maybe in future updates.

Hey :)

Cant get this to work in the latest version of wp :-/ no calculating of prices, no nothing… have entered twilio and stripe details, but no go… you got an update coming out soon?

hey, any updates on this ? :)

Update coming very soon.

awesome, keep up the good work :)


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Do you think possible to add OVH SMS gateway? ( SMS toggle). OVH in one of the largest French/European provider.

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Hi I will look that up and add it to the next release coming soon


I am interested in buying this product. But I need to have implemented another sms gateway that is currently not supported. The Gateway is

I would like to know if a buy and ask you to implement this new gateway how soon can you do this? I can provide you the API details for this gateway for testing and development purpose.

Thanks Nikhil

Hi Nikhil, you can send the API details, I will implement the gateway in the next version which will be released before 31st. Thanks

Hi i am finding it difficult to intergrate my api, my service provider gives me this format for me to input on the plugin but cant understand it

where username is my username on their platform and same as password on their platform

Hi debravura, Update was ready as of 31st but one New SMS Provider (OVH) would have been left out. estoresms have been integrated. I may send you updated copy before official release. Thanks

Hello, i am not using estore again. I am using gbns and here is the api

it has the same structure with the estore and will appreciate if you can update and sen to me or send the estore update and the documentation of how i can edit it into the new api. waiting for your reply thanks.

I will add GBNS and let you know soonest.

How do I use vogue pay I already have a voguepay account. What are the credentials needed for configuration the form in the smspress admin did not specify. I’m I to use my account email and password.

Hi The first field is voguepay merchant ID, the second is the “shop name” i.e your shop name see

How do I add price list page or shortcode to a page. Is there any shortcodes

Hi Please go through the documentation, and set the service country. If you are still having issues after going through the documentation, send me an email


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Hi I was using the smspress with a sub domain website and I decided to move it to a main domain. After migration I found out I could no linger View the SMS dashboard page it always redirect to wp admin whenever I click on the dashboard please how can I fix this?

Hi There may be a problem with your settings. You can send me login via email so that i can check it out.

Hello, I am very interested in your plugin, but I have a few specific questions. Does this plugin work with multisite?

When using Twilio, does the user also purchase the Twilio phone number from the plugin as well, or just the minute buckets? I would like the option to allow users to purchase both from their wordpress account.

With that said, I would want the numbers and minutes to be purchased from a Twilio sub-account so that each customer is billed separately. Does this plugin have the ability to create Twilio subaccounts linked to each wordpress user?

Lastly, I have a few premium plugins that use Twilio as well. Each plugin requires that a Twilio SID and key be entered for the plugin to use. Pending this plugin generates sub-accounts for each user, will the user be able to see the Twilio Account SID and Auth Token from there account, in order to enter it into the plugins on their individual sub-site?

My goal is to have this service be very user friendly (and white labeled) so that customer’s can setup most of it on their own with the need to log into a Twilio account.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Thanks for your interest in my plugin. The plugin supports Twilio SMS messaging system but does not support Twilio phone number purchase and other Twilio features not specific to SMS sending…

The plugin can be updated to provide support for other Twilio features.

I want to know if this plugin SMSPress can work in Wordpress Multisite Environment and Secondly I get error (Error Occurred, Could not Add Price) while trying to enter price. please let me know what to do to fix it

Paystack have been included in the coming release, you can get version 2.1 before final release here, As for the reseller, do you mean “Resell via API”? You can send me an e-mail.

Yes I mean Reseller via API you can send me the details via

Reselling via API have not included but will likely be in the on-coming release.

Demo not working. Can you make me admin? Registered as don_poky at

Hi I will make you admin

Hey, neat creation! Can I get a copy of the current free demo theme files as well, please?

ok let me see if I can find that




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Hello, can I have a username / pass for admin login? Default admin / admin doesn’t seem to work. Thank you and GLWS!

Register on the website and i will make you admin


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done my username is the same as here


Hi Dollarsign,can you please help me to integrate BudgetSms api to this wonderfull plugin? Thanks,and by the way,this plugin is greath!

Hi I will BudgetSms in the next update.

Thanks for your reply,i successfully adapted the api for budgetsms and its working fine! Have a nice day!


I’m interested in SMSPress but I want to see how it works from the backend first. Can I have access to the demo backend to try how it works before making purchase?

I will like customers in Ghana to pay with mobile money via mPower so I will also like the mPower developers to login to check if the integration will be possible.

Create account on the demo, let me know once you are done, i will make you admin.

How do I create a new account? I don’t seem to see that feature on the demo

login here with username:demo and password: demo