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I’ve installed the plugin but cannot find it in the menu in the dashboard to configure it. I looked at the demo and tried this url: but it comes back with: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

Hello, You first need to have ARForms and then install addon. then it will work perfectly fine.

Is ARForms included in the download? The plugin is called “SMS with ARForms”.

No my friend, ARforms is main plugin which need to get. SMS for ARforms is just addon to ARForms. Its written clearly in description.

Btw, Its we have launched Festive Offer in all our main products. so, luckily you can get ARForms too with discounted price. :)


So your plugin will covered an auto-SMS replay/confirmation after the end user is completed the form right? after end user knew our Phone number, can he/she reply back / leave us a message?

How about if our phone number is getting viral and there is Tons of Inbound Message after that? should I pay the “reply back / leave us a message” from unresponsible weirdo whos playing with my SMS cost?

Which one from your SMS gateway vendor who have a feature to stop/disable the replay feature? I’m mean, at this time I want SMS is only specific for a notification feature …. available ONLY AFTER they completed the FORM (not as public conversation channel)



sms reply from user is not handled. that may be handled by your sms gateway.


should i buy arforms first before buy this plugin ? because i already buy your aweber

Yes, Arforms need to be bought first as arforms is main plugin this is addon. i am not sure about what do you mean u already buy our aweber.


sorry i mean armember plugin. one last question before buying, is this license can i used for all of my website or just 1 site ?

One license can be used for one website only and its same for all envato products.

Hi, I want to make a website where users can send pre made text messages to other phone number and charge them a fee for the service. Can this happen with your plugin?

nop. its not what this addon is made for.


Trying to get this plugin to work, isnt showing up but says it is active.


please contact me through message box of our codecanyon profile page.


WIll you still support this plugin and update it? It is very old.

Yes, Its been updated time to time. just made it compatible with latest version 3.1 of arforms.

Hi, I have one question. Is it possible to when text sends to user who submitted the form..that the message can start with the users namne? As you do with emails etc.. to get them more personalised. Thanks, Mira