Discussion on SMS via Twilio Plugin for Premium URL Shortener

Discussion on SMS via Twilio Plugin for Premium URL Shortener

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I have extended license Premium URL Shortener, should I purchase the regular or extended license to make it work?


You just need the regular license for this.

this can send verification code to user?


It sends the message you write. It does not send automated messages at the moment.

hello when is the new release for this plugin coming out, you mentioned that it will support zender as well, have beenw aiting for this plugin but no information coming from your end.

Also been waiting for ability to have customer use their own account, or ability to make use of defined account by admin, with pre-defines rates as well. are these coming soon

ok, waiting for the update…..

HEllo sir, i see there is an update Entry, thank you, however i do not see the changelog, as well as the name change, since you mentioned this will support other gateway.


We have added the ability to set a custom endpoint for sending SMS and this allows any system including Zender to be integrated with the plugin very easily.

Just a thought on the person who asked if the admin could share their Twilio account for others to use. Sounds like a simple procedure, but then as a site owner they will be subject to any content sent from another user and could get your numbers banned via The Campaign Registry for unwanted/spam content sent out via your Twilio account.

Since I am not sure now, is the sms system originally set up to use a customers own Twilio account, or is it set up for only the admin Twilio account where everyone gets to share it? Hopefully the customers Twilio account.

If it is only for the admin, then any campaigns being sent by others not similar to admins approved messages would need approved via The Campaign Registry, or is Twilio not subject to The Campaign Registry and the new myriad of rules and regs?

Thanks for the time, thought and answer.

Also if you are developing it further, do you have a system in place for double opt in where customers have to pre approve having sms sent to them? Also will the plugin accept the keywords of stop and/or several others whereby all texts are immediately ceased from being sent to them in the future?

Sending to someone these days without approval can result in huge fines by carriers. Opting out message is now a requirement that must be in all texts.


At the moment, customers must use their own Twilio account however in the upcoming version, we will be adding an option for admins to decide whether to use a global Twilio account for all customers or allow customers to use their own Twilio account. When we implement the customer-based Twilio account, it was specifically for this reason however there are a lot of customers who asked for the other open hence why we will be adding both so admins can decide which system to go with.

We don’t have a double opt-in system at the moment however we are experimenting with a STOP system that updates the contact’s preference and let senders know that a particular number does not want to receive texts.

Just a suggestion for this plugin. Make URL shortening optional. Some links are already shortened. Any idea when it will be released?


Good idea. I have noted it. Already working on the new version.

Sorry but one more suggestion. Scheduled sending? And you already integrate biopages, so maybe integration with some signup for?


We are already implementing this for SMS :)

How about sending SMS to a group?


That is something coming in next few weeks. We are half-way developing it. At the moment you can send SMS to all contacts.

Awesome. Thank you. I will check back

Is there a way to insert variable info from client contact. As in an sms that says HI {name}, check out the personalized offer below


Yes. It supports the {{name}} tag and it will be replaced according to the contact name in the final sms.

If I have my own web app SMS gateway with API, does it be easy too do your Twilio Plugin with my API settings?


It is quite easy if you have some PHP knowledge. In the update we will be adding support for custom API endpoints as suggested by another user.

Sms feature disapear on user panel after uploading saas theme


The SaaS theme update is live.

How Can I update it ? I didn’t find any update system


You will need to manually update the SaaS theme at the moment.

It would be great if as administrator you could make available your Twilio account to other users, based on their plan – and obviously enforce a monthly or weekly or even daily limit to the number of SMS that could be sent with a certain plan.


This is something we thought about however we weren’t sure how to deal with the pricing as Twilio charges you per SMS. We can add an X amount of SMS per month if that works.

X amount of SMS per month limit would be perfect :-)

if you add smpp o the sms system, you would have solved many sms integrations as almost all support smpp. or you can build the sms plugin as a plugable solution, where other sms providers can be added on a donation per request


They did not respond us yet so if your version is deployed let us know via email.

youre in luck, my server is running and configured.

create an account, i have sent you the email

looking forward

It would be fantastic if sending sms would also be possible via API. I know this can be directly achieved via twilio, still it would be a great featture to just use 1 API to send SMS with shortened links.

Any news on the release date?


The version 6.6 is done and it will be release by Saturday and the plugin update will be on Sunday or Monday.

Fantastic – looking forward


Does the end-user need to provide his Twilio’s credentials or it’s me that need to set it up so everyone can use this feature.


The end user will need to provide their own Twilio info.

This part of importing contacts, I will have no problems, as well as importing links?

These contacts that the customer imports, go to my server or to the customer’s Twilio account?

Because I can never import links, via the admin panel, it always gives a white page.

Hey Sandro

You will not have any issues because the contact import is not processed in the same way as Links. Importing Links can be a ressource intensive procedure because it is depends on various things. Links are thoroughly checked for spam/phishing so if you have a very long list then the server might timeout but there is nothing to worry about importing contacts and contacts are added to your database and not Twilio.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! You guys keep knocking it out of the park. This will be awesome for my customers.


Thanks for the feedback :)

Twilio is expensive. Do you have plains to add other SMS gateways? Most importantly I’ll need Indian SMS gateways. I haven’t purchased the premium url shortener yet, but I’ll soon.

“textlocal” appears always top in google search results.I also request you to find out which is the best Indian SMS gateway. If you provide top 3 or top2; that will be helpful to switch between or one will be able to chose their preferred.


We will review these. Thanks

Thank you! Welcome.


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