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I noticed on your demo there is pro sms voice app but i don’t see it listed in the features of this app. How can I get the SMS Voice App Call Verification and SMS Verification

Please reach me privately through my profile page or email for more info, thanks

It seems that the script does not work with https But works fine in http Am I doing something wrong?

Its funny how petty you are Yes leave it up Because future people will see you dont support and you lie NO WHERE DOES IT SAY I WANT YOU TO CUSTOMISE FOR ME! You just showed your true colors WARNING YES PEOPLE SEE THIS SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WILL DEAL WITH

91% of our buyers have rated our app 4 to 5 stars. That’s what matters most ;)

Im sure you delete anyone that questions your business practices..figures I wonder how everyone feels about the same bland white background without options to change background. But again Thanks for commenting as you are only shooting yourself in the foot with your dismissive nature against your paid customers..Can only hurt you…not me


I have an store that runs as (multi-vendors) for home & interior decor, the store has 3 section: 1- for me as super admin 2- for the vendor 3- the vendor who sell design service

I would like to insure that your plugin would help in such job, notify me as a super admin with each new order, notify the vendor for each new order and notify the designer who could able to design interior decors with each new order.


This app is working as in the demo. Anything to work inside your existing system, with different user privileges, would request some customisation.

Your so full of SH!t no one asked for free customization..Your a liar.

Can you make a wordpress version please