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Can I customize the code or send a custom text message? Thanks

Yes sure.

What I mean by the code is referring to the code that people will get to verify the phone number. Also, what are the requirements? I have godaddy shared hosting.

PHP 5, Mysqli and mysql, Curl, all what should be usually enabled by default. And you get the full app source code so you can customize whatever you want

Hi from spain, can be customized in such way that users will be charged by sms, in order to make theirs ad premium? (listing ads already done by user on website)

Would obviously need some customization. Please reach us through our profile page with details on your needs for an estimate

Hi. I’d like to redirect the person to an external page or link instead of the hidden content, how can I do that? Also, I’d like to hide the select sections in the front end. Can you help me with that? Thanks

For customization please reach us though our profile page, thanks

do you have a wordpress plugin / version?

Not currently sorry

Which PHP framework do you use in this app?

Custom code, no specific framework

Does this still run well?

Yes sure

Hi. I haven’t worked on this project and today I wanted to go back and continue working but I’m getting this message “The ‘From’ number 13174831424 is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.” I double checked the credentials and they are all fine. What’s causing this? Thanks

Did you enable that number on Twilio? If yes try without the +1. If still the same issue please reach us through our profile page with a link and temporary FTP access to check it out, thanks!

hi is this working in india

Yes, Twilio is supporting numbers from India.

Hello, does the Twilio work in uganda or Ugandan phone numbers and if YES, how easy do i get Twilio account to be buying sms credits?

I look forward to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie

I think yes, but you can ask Twilio support to be more sure


I would like to use this for marketing or advertising different products. With that said, if someone verified his phone number in the morning and accessed the locked advert or content and then i again change another content or advert that i would wish even those already verified to access, will the persons/users with already verified number be sent NEW codes in order to access the locked content or advert?

My wish is to be promoting different adverts using this script.

I wait your reply.

Thank you


There is only one locked content. Once verified the user can unlock it each tine he wants

great plugin indeed. Does it work with Indian mob numbers. How do you use this plugin with contact form 7 ?

It should yes, Indian numbers are supported by Twilio

Hello guys, thank you for such great app. Everything is just great. But I cannot access to admin page I’ve change the user/pass but still not kindly help me to solve this issue. Cheers


Thanks for your purchase. Please contact me through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will help you get it working as soon as possible, thanks

Hi thank you very much I just send you access details via support profile page thanks