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Hi can it be populated by the users?

Hi, actually I didn’t get you what do you mean?

SMS Template is the template app to create SMS app for Android. Only needed sms contents (sms list, latest sms list, polupar sms and categories of sms to choose from), and if you have SMS app website then user can register from this app, login and use the sms from Android app.

So important thing is need sms contents and write code for getting that sms list and all through web services or any medium in app. Needed more coding on this template to get ready app to launch. This is only the template to provide you a good design and screen flow ready.

Please let me know if you have any doubt’s.

Thanks, Vishal

it comes with the web service? to upload

No. You need to write web services for sms contents and implement it in this template to create Android app on SMS. If you have sms contents/web site I can provide you that implementation services to get final app as a freelance work.

Still there are many function not wroking!

can you make it working? like share like etc..

I want to buy if its working complete. I just have to change theme.

Sorry, this is the design and screens template ready with screens and flow with all possible features and options in it. You need to create full app with actual sms contents from your database/website/web services.

If you only needed working options like Share, Like, Forward, Favorite, Facebook then I can provide you that only. But once again you need to implement template with actual sms contents.

can you provide your skype id

Yes, sure. Please contact me via contact form from website. or you can simply email me on vishbodkhe@gmail.com

Is it possible to edit / add SMS template ?

I did’t get you what actually you mean edit or add ?? Please let me know on my mail vishbodkhe@gmail.com.

hi i want to buy your app but im new to APK so if you can make final apk file ready to upload to google developer console with my own name and logo etc etc let me know i can pay for it my email is nomoreturn@hotmail.com

Ok. Please check mail.


With this apps i can send sms? All catalogs goinf from php server. Do you provide api.php files?

Thanks for your time, Regards.

No. You can share sms. Yes you need to implement server. No sorry, this is the design template for SMS related app, no api.php files created for this. You can create your api.php files and server side to populate in this app. Please let me know if you have any doubt? Thanks, Vishal

plz demo php server

I am sorry. Item not have any php server configured for the backend system. This is just a ready design of screens with flow. If you need more details on this like php server and app full implementation you can email me at vishbodkhe@gmail.com. Thanks Vishal

well,interested on this but i need it in working condition-including admin panel etc, i dont have much knowledge on coding its better to have it fully working not only a template.