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how do i add plivo to this sender do you have set up guide please pretty please

really SSEM has plivio already i might get that then if u need personal info this is not good then you having access to 100+ plivo account is fraud

SSEM HAS OVER 10+ gateways none asked me for my personal information

maybe you can update next version ill pass this time noone needs to see my account info

This systems works in Brazil?

How should I make it work? I am very interested in your application. I signed up for the live preview as jr Can you send me a test, or show me the way to get it?

It can’t work with nexmo preview – only with real account. They are not allow sending sms via api as preview

Ok, thanks

when intry sending emails i get a blank error page what can it be bro !!

please send me by email ftp details and url so I can check

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demo link is not working :(

it is working just fine – from which country you try to access?

can you add plivo to this

When I try to install the script it displays the following error, File “module.xml” not found in installation archive.

Can you add wavecell gateways f