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i cannot install it on server and localhost too

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Hi, I find that error yesterday, please waiting till envato team approve this update and tray again. Sorry for error.

Hi… In the installation there is a page called “Mail Setting” where there are 2 SMTP Mail () options. I have already selected the 2 options and filled in the SMTP data from my Gmail account and even then the error. Can you skip this setting?

You can select mail as it’s selected first and you didn’t need to setup smtp if you didn’t have it in your server.

hello you havent updated or added any new features.. i want to really use your script but i want to also know if you will contninue development.

Yes, that is fixed, only depend on envato team to approve it.Sorry for waiting, or you want to send me cpanel data over mail ( and I can upload it to you so you didn’t need to wait.

ok sending you the details, just upload the file there and i will install then later..

Hi, Which version of the laravel are you using for the application?

Currently 5.4.

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I’m using Godaddy and there I’m getting an error i.e. Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

It has a php version 5.6 but I’m not sure it has Laravel installed or not.

Please help, my domain is

Awaiting for your quick reply.


Great, now all internet can get your license number :)

I don’t know how you configure a server. Did you set a 777 to storage folder? Please contact me privately

thank you very much naturedev…you are very reliable and always quick for support. plus the system is really powerful and contains great features

tnx bro :)

Hello, I plan to buy your system and work on it, I wonder if it’s okay to do this because of licensing I would like to have a detailed explanation of the limitations in using your system.

best regards

you can find it here: tnx

Dear All

We bought your script but we can’t install it. We taking an error message Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

Can you please help us ASAP.

I replay you privately ;)

Hi Author, I would like to know how can i integrate or make use of SMS service.

I have created a/c in available SMS gateways or drivers. In the application it asks me about the receivers. Which is required field in it. How can i get those receivers.

Sorry I didn’t understand.Can you explain to me by private message tnx

Hello, is it possible to add certificate in image format for individual student and would be shown at search from frontend/login….....? There I got a ‘Transfer certificate’ button at your demo…. but I got nothing when submit.

please let me know clearly: I just need a simple data software where I can input student information and certificates/result sheets in image format. This can view by search at frontend or at login for the student or admin. thanks.

is this possible…. anyone there?

You can add students and his certificates,but currently didn’t have option to search by certificate.

Is there an “essay”-type question for the online exams where the answers have to be manually graded by the teacher before receiving credit? I only see “text” questions which require that an answer be input beforehand.

Hi. Yes,there is option to create to answer will be one option,multi option or text answer.That is defined while teacher define exam an can be different for each question.

What are the system requirement to install your script

i have just got your nulled script , can i use that script

I don’t recommend you to use it because it’s to old version and you didn’t have new versions with bug fixing and new fetures.

i need your sir , i need your script and i will make the payment on may 2nd please i hope you understand my problem requesting you to provide me the script , i will urley make the payment by may 2nd

I can’t because envato generate purchase keys which you will use during installation.