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Hello, I would like buy your School mamagemen System, but in the Demo, I try log with teacher account, but i can’t. I need to see it before the purchase. Thanks!

When I try to login with my username and password the error page appears …....

I send again the error log, to see if it is solved already at once the problem …

ope that finally solved :)

Hi Author,

We have purchased your SMS software, Please provide us APIs guide.


you have it in project: api_blueprint file

if you have any android based application, Please provide us.

No problem. You can contact me to we work together if you want ;)

Some feature are not exist. Like classes, promote and student list on class based…

Yes,there exists but some of them are renamed during developing time.Please follow user manual.

Hi Iam an android developer and iam using your product for one of my client but the problem is iam unable to access rest API .

suppose my website is then according to your doc i sent post request to “” but its invalid request.

Please help me ASAP

Try with route which belong to api have api prefix.

Thanks I already got it , please update it in your doc file so no body confuse :P

Hi there! I am trying to change the project from root to a subdomain but I got the following message: “Application already installed in"

This happened even though I released the license from the super admin account.

Am I missing something?

It’s ok now.Try now with intallation.

Thank you. So, does that mean that everytime I release the license I need to ask you if I want to install the project on a new server? If so, I would like to install it on the old server… Something went wrong on the new one :(

I think you didn’t need to..but you are installing a 5.9 version. Try to download a new one and try with it. Soon will be released a new version (I hope this week will be ready a user manual to can released with it)