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I have got this message “There is no academic year added to you” when tried to login as a teacher also login failed. Please help.

You didn’t add teacher to any student group that belongs to some school year.

How to add teacher to a student group? can you guide me?

You have user manual, read it please.

I sent you email on your profile about the purchase code not been valid during installation, please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

Edit: I managed to pass that point, solved myself. Thanks

How can I translate in french in order to allow french one to use it

And how can i apply translation ?

You have resources/lang/en folder and only translate it. In left side is the name and in the right side is text who will show in pages.

Hello, am planning to buy the software as soon as possible however, my question is; After i buy hostgator hosting account do i need to install composer and Laravel?

Hello.No you didn’t need it all files are included in project.

Thank you. Will purchase the SMS tomorrow

I see :)

can I install and test on my local server and then move that to my hosting,as I see there in comment only one setup is allowed.

Sure you can.You can install it in localhost then release license in super admin menu and after that install it in real hosting.But other customers didn’t read it well and make himself problems,becayse they didn’t release license just delete files :)


I have been trying to upgrade the SMS but am getting stuck. When I upload the update folder, it take me to the verification interface and when I put my verification parameters and click on verify it refreshes and takes me back to the verify screen. Kindly and urgently help

Steve Kuria.

Hi, You didn’t tell me which version you using before update and which is url you try to update?

I find you in customers.. can you just send me cpanel data to info at because I see that you have some problems in hosting. Also upload there last codecanyon version.

How do you provide customisation ? I need the same Please respond. Before buying I need to understand the customisation and details.

Hi, its depend on how we agree and your wants.

Hi. Is this upgraded to laravel 5.5 ?

Hello, yes I upgrade to laravel 5.5 ;) TNX for contact

demo teacher account is broken :( I can’t select from the drop down boxes the classes

Also in admin when I am editing I get a page of all your code :(

Demo website will reset database every half of hour and maybe some other user do something. I just login and it’s works well. Only maybe can be problem if you are using google chrome new version, because he wants to sites have https, which I didn’t have yet.

Hello I have tried all the scripts here on codecanyon and ALL are either garbage or very buggy. I am trying yours and I have encountered several glitches like drop down menus not allowing me to click the options displayed. Do you have an ongoing bug tracking system and how does your script stand up against the others? Do you know what your bugs are and when you will fix them? Do you have a roadmap for the next 12 months for improvements? Thanks Gibby

You didn’t piss me off, I’m just realistic, there is no software who didn’t have any kind of bug. Can be better or not but all developers want to have app without bugs but it’s to hard to build. And if you want to help you can, no problem, as a tester, developer..any kind. we can talk about it over mail.

I am very happy to sit and thrash out the bugs for you and give you feedback, how to contact you directly?

Great.You can contact me over mail which is in website and make issues here(please with screanshoots,descriptions and url to know how and where you get it) where I can easy track it.Tnx.