SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler


Schedule SMS in several simple steps and never forget to greet your friends for birthday or for any other occasion. SMS Scheduler is inspired by the latest trends in Material Design and everything within the app happens with meaning. The app has AdMob integrated for monetizing.


  • Android Studio Project
  • Material Design
  • AdMob: Regular banner & Interstitial
  • Easy customization
  • Detailed documentation
  • Dedicated support team

About Support

We are not providing support for our items due to high load on projects. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app.


Please note that the demo apk WON’T send real SMS. It will only simulate the process in order to give you option to test it. When you purchase the product, you will get the real SMS feature.

Latest versions

Version 1.5 (17.03.2017)
  • New: Interstitial Ads
  • Improvement: Uniqueness of contacts
Version 1.4 (23.12.2016)
  • app/build.gradle fix for ‘’
Version 1.3 (28.04.2016)
  • You can change the colors of the Date and Time pickers
  • You can choose between 12h or 24h format
Version 1.2 (16.06.2015)
  • Fixed crash, when the app is working in the background.
Version 1.1 (03.06.2015)
  • UI Optimization;
  • Documentation enhancement.
Version 1.0 (26.05.2015)
  • Initial version.