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how do i find fortumo SMS services? i cant find it to regoster and have my secret code?? please help me

Hi, can you please open support ticket here:

9TH-8D6-XT7W thats my ticket code for support

Ok, we can continue communication there, we have responded.

is it possible make a regstration only with phone number and one time passowrd?

Hi, no, it is not. But it is possible to have one time password.

Hi I have few questions 1 ) I need that used phone number for registration via premium sms will be saved to user account so when user finish registration using premium sms, phone number he used to send smsm from will be stored in his account. Is that possible ? 2 )Can be your plugin integrated with such plugins as Paid Membership Pro or other payment or membership wordpress gateways ? – I need that user choose between more payment methods. 3) I never heard about fortumo. Is it reliable provider ? Did you use their service ? Many premium sms providers like HiPayMobile or Paygol are kinda problematic, many users complains about frozen accounts, no support replies and no revenue payments. 4) can this be used for recurring payments so user have to send another sms after year otherwise his account will be suspended? ?


1. and 2. – you will need PHP programmer for this, it is probably possible.. 3. Yes, it is reliable, but for certain countries your service(s) needs to be approved before they go live. They are very strict regarding that. I use it for 4-5 years and had no problems with payouts and similar. 4. Recurring payments are possible for some countries but I think it is not available for all users, you have to contact them in order to get that (I think you have to be “big player” for this). I don’t know much about that topic, so it is best for you to contact them.

thanks for reply, thats bad luck its not integrated with some membership component and/or woocommerce. Will you actually work on this so come up with some updates or morelikely it stays as it is now ?

Well, there is no way to integrate it with some plugins (because some of the plugins doesn’t have necessary functions to hook on to), and for some others it is bit more complicated and requires more time (and we currently don’t have that). And for some needs, it would be easier to build new plugin than to modify this one, payment gateways for example. This is not intended to be “Swiss knife” for everything, but we will try to integrate it with registration process of few more membership plugins.

not support Turkey number ?

For all coverage informations, you will have to check Fortumo website.

Hello, does this plugin work with WooCommerce user registration? I want to verify new users with SMS text.

Hi, no, sorry, it does not.

Hi :) Firstly though the demo isn’t displaying on first load, you can only access the home link… which displays a content locker

Pre-Sale Questions…

Is this still current and compatible with the current version of WP an BP?

I notice in the “live preview” you have a “content locker” pay gate using this plugin, is this a feature or just in testing?

could this be “hooked” into any “submit form” button as a pre-requisite to submit… for example, on a contact form a user would need to complete SMS code to submit?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you, for some reason preview works when you remove frame (top right corner button).

Regarding your question, that “content locker” is actually our other plugin “SMS Read More”, check it out here:

And yes, it is compatible with current WP and BP versions.

And no, it can’t be hooked into any registration form because different reg forms use different hooks and functions (if they use them at all).

Cheers :) Thanks for getting back to me.

Hello some news about updating your plugin to work with some membership components like paid membership pro ?

Checked possibility for that, and found out that it is not possible

Any support for s2member membership plugin?

Sorry, not planned

HI,I’m serching for a sms plugin for my site.But I found that your plguin last update time is 15 December 15.Does it Compatible With WP 4.7 and the latest version of UltimateMember? Thanks.

Hi, yes, it works with WP 4.7 and latest UM version


Feya Purchased


Are you planning to upgrade to support other sites except

Hi, no, not really

Hi there,

I have a few Pre-sale questions:

1.- Is it possible to set it for Italy and so Switzerland? I haven’t found both countries on the DEMO site.

2.- What means the “Start making money!”? I just need free registrations via SMS, is it possible to set it like that?

Thanks, Alex.

1.) Both countries ar available on Fortumo, but I think there is some special conditions for Italy, you have to check with Fortumo for that

2.) When someone sends SMS, it is charged to customer (cost of SMS is different 1€,2€,3€ etc.), and you get part of that money. If you want to provide free registration for your users, this is not plugin for you.

Does it work if I have the userpro module installed and not the standard registration form? Is there such a module to make a monthly subscription or does it work only for one-time registration?

1. We have never tested it with Userpro, probably not.

2. Only one-time registration, because Fortumo allows only one-time payments SMS services.

Have a client who needs this for Nigeria to set reccuring payment for users to have access to site, after weekly subscription expires and user can’t access anymore.

Is this possible?