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Retrieving the commission? for example, $ 1 account how many X $. It is valid in Turkey? Thank you

That depends on the paygool system. The fees may change during the time, country and method.

I am a web developer, I try to offer client this type of service, how ur script help me?

I will help you to use this sms payment service.

We’re trying to set up a similar system (Pay by SMS) for one of our client. Would you be available to assist us develop this?

Hi there,

I would like to know why there are only few sms providers as in the market there are a lot which are providing the sms services with more facilities and have their own direct connections, I have a few customers who would like to use the system and are asking for us to provide them one but since we are not able to find the API that where we could earn on the basis of service for sms we are not referring at your location, i would be glad to share the same on our blog and forums on our website if you could integrate the API we wish to sell to our customers.

Kindly let me know if you are available onn skype and we could discuss further.

BR Harshada Chaudhari

Hello, can someone be able to buy coin from his Skype balance when calling from his Skype account?

Don’t think so.

hi, is this a open source file? and allow to customize ?

Yep. All code is given to you. No encryption.

Hi. Can u send ( by email in my account, or write in comments) a list, in witch country’s it’s will work? (sms sending) Thanks

Hello ,i am happy to see you come up with this type of payment system. Can this system for donation?