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Do you have a php/html version for a regular site (not Concrete5)?

Hi, have you had a chance to create a standalone PHP/MYSQL version of smooth Counter yet? I’m sure it will sell more copies than this concrete one. Please let me know, I still interested. Thanks.

No, sorry, I am currently working on another item. The new item will be up at the end of this week.
I may consider starting working on the standalone version after that, but it seems like this script doesn’t get so much attention (but it may be because it is a concrete5 plugin).

Thanks for your messages, I hope to find the time to do this script for you (and maybe for others too).

PS: Have you searched on google for free hit counters?

Thanks for the tip. You right about why this script doesn’t get so much attention is because of concrete5, I really don’t know anyone using concrete5, you probably know them more than I do. Good luck – I’ll be watching your items.

hi, if install this on my site, can i get it to show all the vistors since the site began ( back in 2006 )? Many thanks

No. The script records each visit and saves it into a database, when you install the script the database is empty, so it is impossible to view data since 2006, data which wasn’t saved anywhere.

Oh, sorry. Yes you can. I thought this was a comment on userTrack, my bad. This script uses the built-in concrete5 analytics, so it loads from the database all visists automatically stored by concrete5. :)

Not planning on buying this but thought I’d do you a favor; on this page ( the description for your product reads:

“This email WordPress Newsletter plugin is an advanced bulk emailer designed especially for Wordpress 3. It is very easy to use and feature rich. Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your existing wordpress user database.”

Thanks. I didn’t even know of this collection, its creator must have copied the wrong description for it. :)

hey there, i just purchased for the counter, when i try to add it as a block there’s an error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /—/packages/smooth_hit_counter/blocks/smooth_hit_counter/form_setup_html.php on line 23


Sorry for the delayed answer, but I was away this weekend.

There might have been some updates to Concrete5 platform that could have broken the script. I will test the plugin again on the latest version and will reply soon.

Thank you!

okay, hope to get some good news soon :)

What version of PHP do you have? You need at least 5.4 in order to use the shorthand version [] of the array. You can if you want replace $themes = ["default","black","fire","smooth","neon"]; with $themes = array ("default","black","fire","smooth","neon"); so you can still use your old PHP version. By I suggest upgrading to the latest version.

I need hit counter. the concrete 5 hit counter work with html5. Is easy to install?? What I need to install?? Thanks

Hello. It is a concrete5 plugin. Are you using concrete 5?

I don’t know what is that. I used dreamweaver. All I need add hit counter to my home page. Can I used your product to do that???

Hello, no. Concrete5 is a CMS system, simillar to Wordpress or other platforms which allows you to create websites using drag&drop and installing “packages” this is a package for Concrete5, if you are not using their CMS you can’t use it. So, to answer your question: no, you can’t use this plugin in your case.

I read intruction. I don’t understand. Can you explain install and setup. step by step. Thanks


This is a Concrete5 plugin ( ), you are using the Concrete5 framework, right?

If yes, than this can be installed as any other Concrete5 plugin.

I like to refund. I don’t know how to used this software.

You have to start a refund action from your CodeCanyon account.

can I use this on both html and wordpress sites?


Sorry, this was my bad I thought you were talking about my other script, userTrack, please create a refund request. This only works for the Concrete5 platform.

I am sorry for this misunderstanding.



how do I request a refund?

Well done!