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Sounds good, is the live preview working correctly? When I hover over the image, nothing seems to happen.

First of all you should wait for a preview site to load a whole image. Hovering over the image does nothing. Click on the image, then drag a mouse to move it.

Hey please change the cursor to “HAND” for better accessibility :)

I agree with the HAND solution for the cursor..

Simply change the cursor to “pointer” in the CSS if you want the hand.

Simple but really cool :) Good work!


Thanks for comments!

About “hand” cursor: you should use “cursor: pointer” – it works across all browsers (except for IE 5 .5 ;))

You can also use “cursor: move” – it’s cross-browser too.

Hi, is it possible to make the deceleration happen faster?

Also, can this include multiple images in one scrollable area, i.e. can you make a entire div area smooth scroll?


1. Yes, you can change ‘decelFactor’ parameter – the less the faster it should stop. There is also ‘accelFactor’ which corresponds to acceleration.

2. You can make an entire div area scroll. This is how it really works – Smooth Scroll Manager operates on any kind of html containers, so ‘div’ is OK. You can put many images in one div, and they will scroll along together. The only thing you have to supply is the width and height of div area (in CSS ).

any chance in you making this ipad/iphone compatible?

I think I could make it, although testing could be done only in emulator. I’ve looked briefly on iphone documentation and it should work as “Two-finger panning gesture” and “The panning gesture”.

But I might not have enough time in the next week or two..

Very nice and smooth file.. Only too bad it’ll hardly ever would come in handy.

Hi! good work! it’s possible to scroll only in horizontal direction? thank you!

Hello, I am wanting to create an iPhone simulator on my website since I am creating mobile phone websites.

I am going to create in iPhone skin and then create a web page inside of the skin with divs.

So my main question is, will this smooth scroll web pages or just images?

Can it be constrained to ONLY scroll vertically? Or just horizontally?



Does is possible to add clickeable (link) areas on image?

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