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Can you tell me how I can use, while still keeping the same scroll rate? I have a gaming mouse, which I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but testing the script in your demo page after purchase, the only thing I notice is that the smooth scroll causes the page to scroll extremely slow.

I have to roll my mouse wheel many times, which on the none smooth page takes only a few mousewheel “notches”.

Can you tell me how to still use the smoothing, but keep the existing speed of my scrolling? (IE: in your script, not adjust windows mouse settings.)

Thank you.

I’m sorry that I failed to notice this message. :(

But regarding this, we just included a readme file with the scripts on how to configure our Smooth MouseWheel JS.

Mostly everything you need to know is in there. :)

What’s the changelog for the new version?

You can see our changelog in our Item Details. :)

Hi, I would like to buy an extended version of your plugin and use in my HTML & WordPress theme I will sell on Themeforest. Do you agree?

Ofcourse. It is part of our extended license anyway~ :superbashfulcute:

Not exactly. Envato licence says I have to ask you. Thanks anyway :)

Hi, is there a way to add cubic-bazier scroll behaviour to the script?

Nope. It doesn’t support cubic bezier at the moment. I’ll note on this anyways, and will forward it to our developers for suggestion.

Is there a way to scroll a full page by touching the mousewheel? Regardless of the height of the page, touching the wheel should be able to scroll up or down a single page. I’ve seen it on a couple of websites.


Hello Martin!

Our Smooth Mousewheel’s behavior is different from that. It only smooth scrolls through the page, but doesn’t “skip” through page in one scroll. But since you bring this up, might as well note this down as a suggestion to our developers. :)

Hi – I’m unable to login to support and need some help. All i get is “Could not open socket”

Thanks Rob

If you’re answering support here then I’d like to know why the scroll speed is so different between devices? For example my Mac Mouse scrolls very fast but my touchpad and Windows mouse the page is very slow. Any way to make this more consistent?

Apologies to hear about the Support page. I’ll inform our developers regarding the problem.

There is a difference with the speed on touchpad and mouse scrolls. Thank you for letting us know. The fixes for this is currently in progress. We’ll be uploading the update as soon as possible.

The most recent update has pretty much destroyed the scroll on my MacBook Pro. One small scroll and it lags for a second then fires a huge speeded up scroll… Can I download previous versions here?

Hello! We recently updated again (as we also updated twice in this month.) Please make sure that you are using our Smooth Mousewheel version 2.1 :)

Can’t get this to work for me.. can you take a look?

We just checked your site, looks like the Smooth Mousewheel isn’t activated in your site. Please refer to our documentation on how to activate the plugin.

And please do also check your site for JS Errors. The JS Errors will also affect the functionality of other JavaScripts that you are using. Thus need to be addressed.

Definitely great work. Goodluck with your sales

Thank you! :)

I recently noticed a bug in this script that forced me to remove it from my site. In chrome, if you have lazy loading images (I believe to be the cause) if you scroll one notch on a mouse wheel it’s smooth, and obeys your JS settings, and if it stops movement, and you scroll again, it scrolls fine. But if you scroll, and while the page is still “gliding”, and you scroll again, your single mousewheel notch, no longer scrolls the screen the proper amount.

Basically, if you try to keep scrolling down a page, that has lazy loading images, the speed is super slow, but if you scroll one mousewheel notch, and wait, it would appear normal, or very fast comparatively.

Posted for either a fix or for other buyers to be aware if you have lazy loading images.

Hello there, we’re sorry to hear about the problem you’ve encountered. We tried to reproduce a lazy loading environment by creating a masonry grid with Visual Composer, but the scrolling looks fine. Do you have by any chance have an another lazy loading plugin? If you do, please do try and see if it produces the same results.

Also, we want to know more about the problem. How can we reproduce this issue? It will be very helpful as well if you tell us what browser you were using and what plugin you used to do the lazy loading. Thanks! :)

I’m specifically using the Isotope masonry layout with lazysizes JS. I’m not sure, but the problem could be when the image height isn’t specified, so the length of the page (scrollbar wise) is growing as lazy loaded images are loading up, as their containers would have a shorter height before.

Hello, I’m sorry if we can’t find a way to test this out. We’ve tried a “similar” case in our WordPress sandbox setup with an another plugin that uses Masonry with lazy loading, but the problem isn’t appearing in our end.

It will be better if you can send us a sample so we could see the problem. Alternatively, you can also send us a ticket to our support site so we can help you better. It will be easier to find and fix the problem as soon as we’re able to see what happened. Hope you understand.