Smooth Ajax Chat

Smooth Ajax Chat

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What is Smooth Ajax Chat ?

Either you have decided to:
  • Give your website’s users the chance to enjoy chatting with each other privately
  • Have a high quality chat script similar to Facebook chat in your website
  • Or, just learn everything about how a private chat system work
Then you are in the right place  :).
Smooth Ajax Chat is an advanced private chat system ( inspired from Facebook chat ) which users are already familiar with , it can handle unlimited simultaneous conversation with a smart scroll system , while keeping the best balance between user experience ,security and performance (so your host won’t be exhausted ).
Smooth Ajax Chat is so dynamic ,meaning it doesn’t matter if you have your own user login system or not, because you can use the default login system or use your own to identify the chat users, the chat can be up and running easily on any given website in a few seconds by following the installer ( 3 mouse click and you are done ) .


The top 10 reasons why you should have Smooth Ajax Chat are :
  • Very easy to install ( 3 mouse clicks is all what you have to do ;) )
  • Comes with an installer ( sit down and watch it being installed for you )
  • Unlimited simultaneously chat conversation
  • Audio & visual advanced notifications system
  • Simple admin panel to customize the chat
  • Messages translation to +35 language
  • Delivery indicator ( know when your messages reach their destination )
  • Typing indicator ( know when they are typing )
  • Smart scroll system to switch between the chat tabs
  • Link detection ( convert every link to a click-able link in the chat )

What my customers think ?

ttheb64 :
  • I bought your smooth chat , I think its great and worth every penny spent and more!
  • Great script and a very smooth install  :) five star work


The preview use an edited default login system of the chat,
Please note :
  • This demo is for demonstration purposes only, so the downloaded package will not contain this preview
  • The admin panel is deactivated in the demo.


PHP version 5.X ( preferably > 5.3 )
For “mode B” users, a basic understanding of PHP is required.


May, 13th 2013 (version 1.2)

  • [Feature] Save conversation to your desktop
  • [Feature] Chat conversation translation
  • [Feature] Typing indicator
  • [Fixed] All known bugs of previous version

November,29th 2011 (version 1.1)

  • [Fixed] Better Links detection
  • [Fixed] Improvements to the chat core class
  • [Fixed] Bug-free Installer
  • [Fixed] Portable chat (no need to turn off you magic_gpc_quote)
  • [Fixed] DataBase and script Timezones difference bug
  • [Fixed] Admin Panel ( minor fixes )
  • And more tiny bugs …