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Haiii, i buy your script and i have difficulty to integrate it to my site, can you help me to integrate your chat script into my site?

I am running Magento store http://www.transfashions.com Is it possible to integrate this chat in my store?


I realy would like some help…Can you help me set it up like your live preview with avatars etc? Thanks


can’t access the demo. Says page is not available.


Hi, I’ve ferhat dagl? mail yesterday with the installation. But have not turned my side. If you happen to me in my installation in assistive would be satisfied.

Crap!! Author is not responding.

hello i would use it whith the same login of my website user and to talk each one otehr is that possible

Does this script allow the administrator to be alerted when someone is viewing the website and allow the administrator to initiate the chat (i.e. a popup on the web page that the guest is viewing), rather than waiting for the guest to login to chat.

i.e. Kind of like a sales representative approaching someone browsing their store rather than the other way around? If not, can you please let me know of another chat script that does.

Kind Regards

Quick note: If you are using xampp on Windows and after installation, the index.php always redirects you to install folder, change this line:

require_once ('config.php');

by this one:

require_once dirname(__FILE__). '/config.php';

in the beginning of layout.php.

That’s because there is a confusion with the include of config.php (I don’t know exactly how or why, life’s too short for PHP documentation)

Anyway thanks for the script, works great !

Hello, I wish to buy this Smooth Ajax Chat but have some queries. 1) Once I buy it for 18 $ can I use them for multiple sites

2) What would be the license for the tool ?

3) Will it support group chat ?

4) Can user chat with more than one friend at a time ?

5) Do we have to pay for user to user use of chat ?

Can you please reply on my above query so that I can proceed ahead with buying.

Thanks, A.R. Savalia

this has the function invite visitors after 20 seconds?

How it works ? and which place on the website is the suitable place to put your chat script ?

Demo link broken

seller responds to my email and urgent…

You take forever to respond to customer support

Hello well i get an error message at the install step ( choose step B) here is the error : Error,Unable to complete the database setup : Duplicate column name ‘cha_status’ ... could you tell me what I schould do please !

  • step B )

Hi, I have only $17 in my account.. :) accept discount?...:)

hello friend bought WhizClassified script – Classifieds CMS to use it here your system works with him on my server

Pre-sales Question : Can i assign a specific chat operator to specific page only. Since im running a website with local restaurant listing. So i want the chat operator to be able to chat on their listing only not other listing.