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I dont get how this works, whats the point of paying with paypal and the part at the bottom. heres a screenshot https://gyazo.com/92d162e01558f17f45d72eb9f6f6627b

Payment option for deposit fund on client account

so if the user uses an express paypal option, they dont need to use that bottom box?

PLS CHECK THE DEMO… all answers are there

Hi, While we talk with script seller, he told me that it was with API system then I bought that script. After I bought that script I saw it was without API system. The seller said that he was not going to pay my money back. But the fault is not about me, he misinformed me about script. Although I wanted help about use of script, he didn’t answer me via e-mail or Skype. But he answered my friend.

they must answer you. dont worry.. 2ndly: who tell u its support api ?

Can you add ticket service in the member area? And displays the order details of the user

Yes we can for additional charges


DTB0077 Purchased

Just bought the panel is ok I have issues though! Please help me! When add funds not appear in fund sections!

pls approve fund from admin panel

very bad seller he is a scam he never give us the full details of his softwares after paid he asking extra payment for fix it and if we want to contact him urgently he will not response even he dont know how to talk with a client boasting only dont buy anything from this seller all scame

as i see u are fake, u here making bad comments bcz u have an smm panel script, am i ryt. dont try to be more smart u dont yet buy our product and our support for paid user who buy our script from here, we dont offer any support to those people who donwload null software

Friend I saw the demo but I did not understand … he manages the services like tanned sales, but he does not do the service? Or does not generate the tanned ???

scripts cant able to generate those stfs

Friend in admin did not see information from customers who registered or where to control or exclude them, nor in the services did not see any information about customers

there are customer name, if u have any customized requirements then u can mail us software@thesoftking.com

Friend all the scripts I have already bought here and several that have already tested the demo allow you to control the registrations of new clients including registering the approval of the registry by the administrator, deleting registered customers, view the data of registered customers, For registered customers, and if u do not have any of that which makes it difficult to control customers, if you have at least these settings I buy

we can add those features for additional charges

is it working now ?

its working fine from starting time

ok and what about reseller list r u providing after that ? or just script

we just provide script

If we get extended license can we install it and sell accounts to users?

u can install multiple and resell it

How do I update without loosing current data>!

replace script and table from new version

What script & what table I dont see them

u need to match them or install new version if u want

hi, i have not understand what is this software…..i can resell followers,like and so? or it’s just a dashboard like website? thx

its an management system

I can install into my server? I’ts easy to install?

i can’t see list of registration user and add/delete someone?

refunded, go and buy another one .. thnxx

Does admin get an email alert when an order is placed? I don’t want to keep logging in to check orders.

admin will get notification at admin panel

Can products and orders be connected to another smmpanel API? Need this ASAP

we can set api but u need to pay customization charges

Does it support Arabic translating & RTL ?


Also does the email notification come to my private email or to admin panel ? if to admin panel only, could you add RTL support with email notification i’m welling to buy many products from you, but need these 2 features to be added.

notification will delivared both way admin panel and email. email support with RTL possible

Then Perfect, how can i communicate with you to make sure the order will be supported with RTL in my language, and i’ll make order now, no issue in that… but to be honest i’m welling to get some orders from you but need supported RTL there.

we can add RTL / custom language for additional charges

mail us: software@thesoftking.com with full requirements, they will answer u


Meezy5k Purchased

Okay, How to finish the install? I’m stuck on the part when it says something with the function.

installation guideline ioncluded on documents folder. still if u unable to install let mail us with ur cpanel access, we will install for free

Your documentation is incomplete. I installed this correctly and logged in as admin but where on earth is the admin panel to add services etc. Is there an extra step somewhere? :(

Still waiting for reply. Please tell me how to access admin panel like in the demo screenshots. Thanks