Discussion on SMM Matrix - Social Media Marketing Tool

Discussion on SMM Matrix - Social Media Marketing Tool

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finally purchased the code hope it will be good investment for me


Thanks for choosing Bug Finder. Wishing you a bigger business success.


I sent you two days ago to your Gmail email some questions about customizing the script.

Bes Regards,


Our customization team analyzing your requirements and we will notify you soon.

Thanks for reaching Bug Finder for your custom work.

Does This Script Automatically Increase the Prices OF The Services If The Prices Are Increased On the Website From Where We are Taking API Services ?

Its Included Pakistani Payment Methods?


You need to add your desired payment methods with custom order.

After purchase you can mail us your requirements.

Hi, can we add our own service for sale in the site? For example, selling website design, etc


You can add your own services in manually. But some features needs custom order. You can mail us your requirements

Pre purchase questions Is it support cashmall Is there any option to import all offers from vinasmm at bull and add percentage to prices so it automatically imort offers and increase prices in listing of our site ?

still waiting for answer i wana buy please tell me is auto import function is there ?

If you want a new payment gateway, it will cost you 400 USD. Customization prices are very expensive :/

1. Could a bot be integrated to function independently without potential conflicts?

2. Consider this scenario: we have a website at Users on this site can place orders, each with varying statuses. Our aim is to receive notifications about changes in order statuses. Ideally, these notifications should come through as both browser Push notifications and on Telegram. We already have a Telegram bot set up: Ensuring that notifications in these two channels don’t interfere with each other is important to us.

3. We’re wondering if such integration is feasible. Additionally, would we be able to access the source code of your extension in order to customize it? Are there any examples of similar implementations among your clients? Is there documentation available for your module on GitHub, or any open-source modules that could serve as a reference for enhancing your script?

I don’t understand these scripts. Look at the payment methods, wtf is magua pay. And big ones like Paddle are missing.

You can custom order to implement that

Customisations like that end up being more expensive than the base script, so I rather wait.

It’s up to you


Rokaroka Purchased

(ASK) before buy this scripts. If i’m deposit $10 with midtrans & im paying midtrans. are money automatic replace $10 balace in user account ? or admin accept (manual) thanks


Rokaroka Purchased

please fixed my payment midtrans , thankyou dev.

Mail us please


Rokaroka Purchased

yesterday we be mail & stuck on Access denied due to unauthorized transaction, please check client or server key

When loading the page, we observe an error related to the absence of the libermall2023.gateways table:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘libermall2023.gateways’ doesn’t exist (SQL: alter table `gateways` add `note` text null) That is, in the scripts, the appeal is somewhere to this page, but it is not in the database itself.

at vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connection.php:712
  708▕ // If an exception occurs when attempting to run a query, we'll format the error
  709▕ // message to include the bindings with SQL, which will make this exception a
  710▕ // lot more helpful to the developer instead of just the database's errors.
  711▕ catch (Exception $e) {
➜ 712▕ throw new QueryException(
  713▕ $query, $this->prepareBindings($bindings), $e
• A table was not found: You might have forgotten to run your migrations. You can run your migrations using `php artisan migrate`.
10 database/migrations/2022_02_07_041229_add_gateway_columns_table.php:18
33 artisan:37
+22 vendor frames

According to the thematic resources, it is recommended to add a non-existent page to the database and re-migration.

Mail us to get assistance

Which of these must be installed to work?\

Apache MPM-Prefork PHP module awstats 7.8-2ubuntu0.22.04.1 logrotate 3.19.0-1ubuntu1.1 nginx1.18.0-6ubuntu14.3 Disk quotas: quota 4.06-1build2 – Fail2ban fail2ban 0.11.2-6: Ansible (web script installation) wire guard

and which version?

Been trying to get help for days

And php 8.1 / 8.2 supported?

yes it is

which smm panel api do you recommend?

You don’t recommend anyone. Please choose the best fit for you.

Good day. Could you please add this service to your integration?

To integrate the Tegro payment systems, you can register a shop here: It allows you to connect payments for individuals without verification, as well as for companies.

Their documentation is available here:

The interface allows you to connect more than a dozen payment integrators and use them simultaneously, combining the advantages of each, thereby increasing conversion and saving on commissions.

I bought the SMM Panel and SMM Store scripts from you, and I would be very grateful if you could create and list a Tegro Module in the catalog for purchase.

Hello What is the data directory of the email template? Thanks


how to change the requirement in register page? I want only user name, email and password

And how to change the default language ?

If someone buy insta followers, is script increase automatically after payment

Hello What is the directory path of the translation file in the multilingual system?

some content change from database and others from resouces/views/lang folder


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