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not working with latest version of Smile (v.1.5.0), awaiting for the updated plugin

not working with latest version of Smile (v.1.5.0), awaiting for the updated plugin

I cannot get the smile webpage nor the smile meme app to load or work. All it wants is me to give you permissions which I did. Please give me help I have tried every file and no luck.

Can you contact us on skype (ionut.milica) to help you with the installation? Also, please don’t share ever again your purchase key.

how can i download working version ? this on codecanyon not working with Smile v. 1.5.0 ? Why don’t you reply my messages ? I need sass files of Smile as well. Answer please!


Can you send me a message on skype? I will send the new version to you.

Hi, How users can download final image? a download button.

I don’t see any way to add text on meme as mentioned, it is just getting the post title and description with category. Any idea?

It seems like it needs lots of changes in namespaces. I found some issues and fixed them myself. And now, it is showing “Class ‘Smile\Presenters\AdminPresenter’ not found” Any clue??


Smile 1.5.0 requires an updated meme plugin. We’ll send you via skype.

Is this a completely tested plugin? Really feeling very sad as it breaks in lots of places :(

hello, I tried to install and do not know how I could send a video installation

not working on current version Smile v. 1.5.1, got Error 500

Hi, can we please get this resolved? I cannot use the meme extension as it’s not working withe v1.5.1

This does not work with the current version. Please send the version of the extension that works as this is the only reason I really wanted to buy Smile. Thanks!


Can you send us an email with your purchase key at You’ll receive the latest version.

Sent! Thanks so much!

I’ve sent you the latest meme version. Let me know if you encounter any kind of problem at: ionut.milica (skype) or

not work “error 500”

We will send you the latest Smile Meme version. Before that send us the Smile Media purchase key and Meme extension purchase key to

sheck you email pleaz :)

Ok. Sent.

meme not working with latest version of Smile (v.1.5.2)

Support is not carried out. Meme plugin does not work.


Send us an email at and you’ll receive the latest version.


I have purchase you script+meme generator and need to know where to find the license key to install the script?

I look forward to hearing from you.



License key represents the purchase key after you’ve register it at our site

I have also registered this item on your site, but it is showing up as the main viral script and not as the meme maker plugin. As requested on my previous message, please provide me with Skype details so that we can communicate.

Thanks you.


So this issue was fixed. It was caused due to an Improperly installation process.


Hello, I purchased meme generator. it’s not working – error 500. Sent you mail with purchase keys. Kindly provide solution.

Can you send me updated meme plugin? wrote in skype and email with purchased numbers – no answer.

Request sent. And email sent to Can you send me to script? Thank you


Thank you. It working now

I read the instructions (pdf), upload the meme folder to my hosting, but I don´t know where to find the “extension section”; can I install the plugin directly from wordpress?

Hi there,

This is not a wordpress plugin. You need Smile Media base script.