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There are some announcements regarding the future of Smile Media:

1. Instead of launching Smile 2.0 directly, we’ll have some smaller incremental updates.

2. We’ll drop support for PHP versions <7.0 given the fact that we’ll update to Laravel 5.5. This should take place in Smile 1.6.0

Feel free to reply to this comment or at our email address contact(at) with ideas for new features, unfixed bugs or any other issues that you have with your Smile installation.


So any date when 1.6.0 will be available? Thanks

I’m so sorry. I confuse that the updates are not on CC.
Do in v2 will be video upload?


ysakovs Purchased

Your comunity with your customer is Grate! ;)

Yes, it may be something that I may add. Beside having the upload, a simple player and an option to disable it, would you expect something more for the “Video Upload” feature?


Can you explain a little how this application is used to build viral value. The images on the details page are not so clear. For example, How does the application work?

Hello, i just downloaded the smile app, its still using laravel 5.0, i was hoping for laravel 5.5, i wanted to do some customizations, but i cant find any controllers or models, any help with this?

okay, i will wait for the laravel 5.5 version, you said your open to ideas, and i was wondering, could you add a feature to show ads in the images scrollview?


Smile 1.6.0 has been released with the port to Laravel 5.5 and PHP 7.0+, For now, you can download it from our site: You can try it out and let me know if there are any issues with it.

Can you explain more about the ‘ads in the images scrollview’?


Hello there, on the main infinite scroll page, i was thinking maybe we could show an add after scrolling maybe 20 images, so every time one scrolls 20 images, you see an add as the 21st image, then the images continue after the add, So basically the ad will be the same size as the image, do you get what i mean?

Hello, when is the laravel 5.5 version coming out, i cant be able to install this one since i have php 7 on my vps, am getting a cipher error, from my research, the only way to get rid of the error is to upgrade…so i need the upgraded version

hi. one question: is this a kind of meme generator? thanks.


This is a viral media script. It’s similar with 9gag if you think about features. We also provide a meme generator plugin, but it’s sold separately.