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Hi, I need help to install your script I just sent message you on skype Leandro.


I’ve sent you a message on Skype. Please let me know when you’re available.

I needed to update my server to the last version of Debian and Plesk

So I extracted all my files in httpdocs and the SQL Database. I update my server to the last version, put all my files back in my httpdocs import the SQL Database but now the website say, Sorry, we’re down for maintenance I’ve searched on all the comment and everytime i found someone having this issues you said contact me on Skype so i’m waiting you on Skype just tell me when you will be able again



Can you send me the latest logs from storage/logs?


I fixed it by myself when i update the server the mcrypt extension wasn’t enable

1- I also found a bug on my website and on the Demo If you post a Comment and Delete it when you check the profile of the person the comment is still here

It’s deleted in the post so it work but when you visit the profile you still have for example the comment on this post and also in the SQL Database would be great to delete it in the Database and on the profile

2- 8- Rectangle Ads on Mobile have the same size on the website so the ads is Cut in a half I can send you a photo of what it look like on Iphone if you want

Feature Idea

2- Add more Page

3- Add Gif in comment like 9Gag

4- The possibility to add more Rank level

5- Add the Date of Birth and if the person is under 18 he can’t Enable of Disable NSFW

6- Also i was forced to Uncomment the Edit post because if a user post something and I accept it the User will be able to rename the post after I posted it So he can rename a post when he want to some offense insult etc.. Only admin should be able to edit post

7- A moderator status would be great

Thanks Ionut ;)

I hope I will find some time to fix the bug you’ve listed. Also, some of the features from your list will be added in Smile V2.0 rewrite but it would take some considerable effort.


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How to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS?

In themes\site\resources\views\partials\post\youtube.blade.php replace http:// with https://


fhmdev Purchased


How can display the file size or image Give me the only variable

Hello, I wanted to download the latest version from Bitempest site (v 1.5.2 – 12.30.2016), but archive is unable to extract it (archive corrupted). Can you help me, please?


What tool did you used for the extraction?

Winrar, 7Zip. It is okey now. Thx

hi, I purchased Smile Media – An Entertainment Viral Platform, but I can’t install on Window VPS can you help me fix it?


The analytics code isn’t in the <head> so you can’t have all the real stats in Analytics

I found this using ” Tag Assistant (by Google) “

I needed to put the code by myself in the head balise and remove the code I put in the admin section

I found this in /themes/site/resources/views/app.blade.php @if (setting(‘analytics.code’)) {!! setting(‘analytics.code’)!!} @endif

Can i put this code in the <head> section at the top of the files to fix the problem ?

Also any news about a way to fix the Comment delete bug ? And Mobile ads displaying the size of the website ads ?

Another thing i found, you can’t put Gif in Item list

When will you release the Smile 2.0 Version ? It seems like it was 4 month or a years ago you said you will release it

Thanks Ionut !

Hello, I wanted to download the latest version from Bitempest site (v 1.5.3 – 26/02/2017), but archive is unable to extract it (archive corrupted). Can you help me, please? Winrar, 7Zip.

My sec. problem. When I click on the GIF, he starts up after 5 seconds delay. Can you help me pls? Thx



Extraction errors are not from our side. Please use a proper tool for this job. That delay may be caused by the size of the GIF.

How to redirect all https requests to https://www.

My mistake – comment removed

Please help me with enable signup & login with Facebook and Google services. I’ve configured applications in Google and Facebook, secret key etc. When I try create account by these services I that FB or Google ask me for allow and next I’m redirected do website without effect. I can create account on demo with Google but with Facebook I’ve the same result as on my website. Help.

Can you help me setting to my hosting, my skype hudakhoirul


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can you please help on installation? i have sent message on Skype


dileep25 Purchased

I purchased smile media script and I uploaded to cpanel can u help me to setup? I can give teamviewer connection


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Hi, I bought your script, but the installation page my license code is not good. Why? Is this purchase code?


kimi1111 Purchased

How can I change language?


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Internal Server Error in 1and1 install

is there a install service with you guys ? and i want to edit pages as well, its not in the admin panel.

oh i just saw in your support says there is no Installation services, anyway i email you, plz reply soon.