SmartyPaste App - Clipboard Manager (MultiPlatform)

SmartyPaste App - Clipboard Manager (MultiPlatform)

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SmartyPaste App – Clipboard Manager (MultiPlatform

Clipboard manager for Windows and Mac

Smarty Paste is a productivity tool that stores everything you copy to the clipboard. It runs in the background and does not require any active participation on your side. You can access it any time and pick up a clipboard item that you haven’t saved somewhere else but still want to use.

The following Smarty Paste features help create a smooth, interruption-free workflow where you’ll never lose important information again.

You can also search by content.



  • Text/Html format by auto detect and live preview
  • Images with auto detect and live preview
  • Coordinates and map view
  • Expand mode (full screen for best productivity)
  • Inserting data in all apps
  • Realtime Search
  • Preview clipboard items
  • Double click inserting or copy without losing focus
  • Storage period: 1 week, 3 weeks, 1 month, Unlimited
  • Sounds when paste and copy (enable/disable)
  • Launch at login
  • Always expanded mode
  • Android, iOS, iPad – coming soon

How does it work?

It’s really simple.

By default, your macOS or Windows clipboard only stores the last item that you’ve copied. As soon as you copy anything else, the previous item gets lost. With Smarty Paste, instead of the last item being overwritten by the most recent item, everything you copy gets saved.

You work as usual, and as soon as you need to insert something from history today – yesterday or a month ago, just press Ctrl + Shift + V (Mac Shift + Command + V)

When you call Smarty Paste with the Ctrl + Shift + V (Mac Shift + Command + V) shortcut or by clicking on the S icon in the main menu bar, it will show your entire clipboard history.

In the window that opens, you can select what you need and click on the copy

Or just double-click on the object in Smarty Paste and then you will see the object that has already been pasted

Smarty Paste works similarly to your browser history in that you do not need to save anything pro-actively. Once the app is open, Smarty Paste saves every item that you copy.

If you need help retrieving something you’ve copied, just type a few keywords in the search field and let Smarty Paste do the rest.

You can search for the type of content or the place where you got it from, and Smarty Paste will find all possible matches.

Quick preview

Each item in the clipboard history appears with an easy-to-read thumbnail that allows you to quickly and easily see if it’s the item you’re looking for. The thumbnail also shows what type of item it is, such as text or an image.

You can also use the Quick Look preview feature from the context menu.

Expand mode

To be more productive, we have made the maximize button, it helps to see all the results of the entire screen

There is also an “always maximized” button that will open your buffer results always maximized

Storage period

There is a choice of saving the history period, if you select a saving period of a week, then everything that was copied 8 days ago will be automatically deleted. At this stage, we have 6 options (3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, unlimited)

We recommend using 1 week for the program to work quickly, believe me, a week is enough!


You can also:
Turn copy and paste sounds on or off
Enable or disable auto update check
Enable or disable app launch at startup
Remove all results, remove specific items

Operating system

Now there is support for macOS and Windows, an application for Android, iPhone and iPad will be available soon


Version 3.0.0 (05/05/2021) - Launch of the first version


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