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SmartView is a lightweight Javascript plugin that enables you to easily view, share, print, and bookmark files such as images and video without having to download the file or use extensions. It is a dynamic file viewer that adds convenient tools for users to check the file information which may include file type, size, dimensions, author, credit, caption, views, likes, and much more. There are advanced functions such as pop-up ability with three window event handlers, “load”, “mouseenter”, and “mouseleave”. You can attach cookies with a specific expiration date (in days) to prevent the pop-up reoccurrence. Moreover, you can call in all major image formats (jpg, png, gif) as well as Vimeo and YouTube videos. You can use call to action buttons for your campaigns and/or sales which can include a phone number or link for them to purchase your product. For more information scroll down. All proceeds support mental health!

Primary Features

  • Print Current Image
  • File Share With Social Media
  • Get Detailed File Information
  • Bookmark Files

Design Features

  • Two Themes – Light and Dark – Learn More
  • Intelligent UI
  • Text Color Background Detection for iFrames – Learn More
  • Responsive in both CSS and Javascript Logic
  • Tooltip On Header Menu

Advanced Features

  • Scrolls To Linked Button On Gallery Mode
  • Auto-Image Resize
  • Ajax – To Avoid Refreshing The Page
  • Specific File Selection Using Hashtag URL
  • Pop-Up – Event Handlers – Learn More

Miscellaneous Features

  • Overlay Background Color – Learn More
  • Overlay Background Image w/ Blur Effect
  • Ability To Remove Overlay Background Image Blur Effect – Learn More
  • Ability To Remove Overlay Background Image – Learn More

Photo Credit

Photographer: Kelly Jung –

Change Log:

October 30th, 2016
* Data Attribute changed from "data-file-" to "data-smartview-".
* Added Pinterest Image posting.
* Tweet Image with fallback for non-image files.
* Added closing of SmartView by clicking outside of the file window.