SmartNews - Real Native Full Mobile (IOS+Android) Application for Wordpress

SmartNews - Real Native Full Mobile (IOS+Android) Application for Wordpress

SmartNews is the Real Native Mobile Full App for Wordpress. Not web (e.g. mobile version of site or responsive), not hybrid (e.g. ionic) – it’s truly native.

It’s really very simple!

You don’t need to know Swift/Obj-C/Java or even have XCode or Android Studio to be able to use SmartNews App. You can build SmartNews App for IPhone on Windows or Linux (without Mac).

This is React Native (+Expo).

Expo is a development environment plus application that focuses on letting you build React Native apps in the Expo development environment, without ever touching Xcode or Android Studio.

With Expo, you can write React Native experiences with any computer and a text editor and a phone. No need for Xcode or a simulator. One of the coolest features of Expo is that you can publish your projects to a permanent URL and share those URLs with other users.

IPhone screens

Android screens

SmartNews Features

  1. Home page screen
  2. Category List view
  3. Post screen
  4. Search
  6. Offline mode
  7. Parallax effect
  8. Infinite scroll
  9. Native sharing
  10. Color customization
  11. Update App on the fly (without resubmit to each store)

Colors customization

And some SmartNews magic

Two steps installation

  1. Unzip archive
  2. Open terminal and run “npm install && npm install -g exp”

Two steps Run on device

  1. Open terminal and run “exp start”
  2. Scan QR Code

Three steps Run on simulator

  1. Install XCode (from AppStore) for iphone simulator and Genymotion for Android simulator (emulator)
  2. Run simulator
  3. Open terminal and run “exp start && exp ios” or “exp start && exp android”

Online documentation –

Video presentation –

Demo apk – download!

Demo app – try it now!