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Hi there, i bought the Smart-Currency-Detector but its totally not working on me. when i activate the plugin there’s an error “Uncaught ReferenceError: mysettings is not defined”.

is there any requirements before it can be used?

From parallel discussions … all fixes / improvements to be available today. Best

what gateways that are compatible to this plugin? i checked some gateways but the value on the checkout as its been converted is different upon payment.

Please find our NEW related FREE gateway https://gajelabs.com/product/spg-smart-payment-gateway/. Should work perfectly fine with our Smart-Currency-Detector. Caution: free only UNTIL AUGUST 31st. Best

Coming up NEW …the smart currency detector extended with a gateway plugin. Allowing to checkout / pay using the foreign currency and the resulting amount

New version of SCD being released too…

Recall gateway plugin after currency and value conversion free until 31st Aug. Don’t miss it ! https://gajelabs.com/product/spg-smart-payment-gateway/

I am interested in this plugin. I just want to confirm whether it will work with Ccavenue and paypal. Also, does it provide GeoIP detection?

Hey. Yes GeoIP detection is provided. We delocated the payment funtionalities on a wrapper plugin progressively endorsing all payment plugins and means. In other words 1) you need to take this plugin and also our smart gateway plugin(https://gajelabs.com/product/spg-smart-payment-gateway/, https://codecanyon.net/item/spg-smart-payment-gateway-for-paypal/20584916) 2) we do a customization of your payment gateway for you accordingly for free. We did first tests yesterday and they showed that it works

I correct the 1st url(the one of our local site). The plugin is cheaper there and you can test its GeoIP detection at the same time. We also use what we sell. https://gajelabs.com/product/spg-smart-payment-gateway/

I’m frustrated with other similar plugins trying to perform this. I want my customers to IMMEDIATELY see the prices in the foreign currencies they set(or the foreign currencies according to their geolocation). Getting into my site, they 1st see my default currency until the converted values from server requests come. Can your plugin fix this ? If yes, I buy it.

Yes sure we already have a fix for this. To test this simply go our site www.gajelabs.com. We self use what we sell and fixed this for our own customers accordingly. It is also cheaper to take the plugin from this place https://gajelabs.com/product/spg-smart-payment-gateway/


KitKat_ Purchased

Thanks for the great plugin and support. The currencies of my customers(default converted or set) are coming immediately. The other functions are also fine. I’m using your plugin in my live environment now.

Hey KitKat_ I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for reaching out :)

Dokan supported?

We’re setting up such a demo to show it to you. Keep in touch. I’ll ping you again accordingly. Best

Great! Thank you so much.

Sorry for the delay astrales. You can check it from http://shop2godemo.gajelabs.com/. I prepared a screenshots set for a step-by-step explanation of this proof of concept. Please provide me your email address under support@gajelabs.com then I’ll send them to you. With best regards


gonima Purchased

Are you supporting WC Marketplace ?

Yes gonima, WC Marketplace supported too. I sent you a voucher to download the latest version for FREE according to our license agreements :)


gonima Purchased

Thanks a lot :) Works pretty well. Tested 2 weeks long. Great Job !

hi, I have a problem: On my web page using local currency TRY. But i buy my products foreign currency USD or EURO. Normally i exchange it manually but i want to do it automaticly. Forexample; when i write my admin panel 100 Usd the costumer see it that day central bank exchange rate. İs it possible to you software?


kasidaa Purchased

Hi, I have some problems on my WordPress site. In General Settings: I cannot use Manually update the exchange rate, and cannot get the exchange rates when I added some currencies in the list. I cannot save the currencies that I added in the lists.

The plugin can automatically detect the local currency but always shown 0 in the cost field, it does not show as the correct values as it could be.

Please help