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How do you add the watermark to images shown through the sitemap?

Hi, the watermark only applies to the products images in the specified locations unfortunately.


Okay I assumed the watermark was a universal feature for all images on my opencart store. If the images on my sitemap are not with a watermark, then there could be other important images that are being shown without a watermark. Can I get a refund?

Hi, the item page tells you exactly what you get from the plugin. You can contact Envato if you think that is the right thing ;) Also you can always extend the functionality and make it apply in other places but it isn’t a quick solution I can provide.


Hi, Im using oc 2.0, i have installed the extension successfully. But after installation except homepage, all the category and product pages are blank… Please help!!!

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelToolImage::resize_watermark() in /hsphere/local/home/msingh7/theyogasouk.com/system/modification/catalog/controller/product/product.php on line 340

It doesnt seems to work even though im trying fixing it on my own… I think I have to ask for refund…

HI, sorry for the late reply. Please send me a private message with access to your ftp and site so I can do some tests or maybe a test install on your host with the same configuration

Hello, the form is beautiful. I have a problem, nn working properly, I found an old problem, can you please check? Error Code: [{VQ2-system_modification_catalog_controller_product_product.php on line 323}]

Hello, I have correctly installed the file, use the vqmod, journal but the theme is the same defect roesent also on original OpenCart. Can you give me the code to be implemented in the controller Product.php? Thank you.

i’m wait the solutions please.

Hi, please send me a private message with FTP and admin access to your site or a test install to check. Thanks

does it work with Journal 2 Opencart theme?

Hi, we haven’t tested it but if the theme does not rewrite controllers functionality it should work

I have OpenCart Version Xml file is copied to a directory /vqmod/xml and clear the cache After installation, nothing shows. Sistem – Settings – images remained unchanged

Hi there, please read the documentation for Opencart greater than 2.0


1. Just go to your admin area

2. Go to Extensions – Extenstion Installer

3. Upload the .oxmod.xml file found in the main package downloaded under Upload files – 2.0 – OCMOD

4. Now the extension is installed and will appear in Extensions – Modifications

5. Just go to System -> Settings -> Image; choose your settings and save them.

6. After changing settings, you must delete the images cache to force OpenCart open to re-generate the images.

Cache folder for pictures is located at /image/cache/ on your server. You can connect by FTP or from Cpanel trought File Manager

Hi Installed module to work. But only on the product page does not display watermark image You can help?

Hi, there is no option for settings to be changed at : System -> Settings -> Image. Please help. Opencart 2

Nope, took about half an hour to start working but works fine now. Thanks

Hi, there is no option for settings to be changed at : System -> Settings -> Image. Please help. Opencart 2

i want to buy your extension but i want to know if it will add the watermark on existing product if activate?

Hello, yes it will add the watermark to the existing products too. sorry for the late reply. All the best

I bought this extension from another account.. www.partivitrini.com my website… its not working well with journal theme… It snot putting watermark to first image in product page and also it doesnt permission to click to first image to show it bigger.. how can I solve this problem.. thanks

Hello, if the theme is overriding some controller functions then you can have some issues.. try to talk with the theme developer about it. Thanks

Hello, i have installed the watermark extensions, but it does not appear in the product page. May be cos i use custom gallery. Can you look please http://www.barbarris.com.ua/modnica

HI GUYS, after the installation in oc 2.0.3 in admin / setting section appaer this error, i need help. thank.

vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_modification_admin_controller_setting_setting.php on line 1254

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Can you let me know of the exact error?

hi guys, i’m Giuseppe Marzullo, know have the problme with this module, when is enable make error in product page. Please i need help. it’s urgent

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Can you let me know of the exact error?

hi does the plugin reduces image quality(resolution or dpi)?

Hello i was enter code but still not display option in admin setting—> image , only two option display logo and icon

OC version i was used this extension

please help me

Hello i have a problem about your extension. When i actived extension i have an http 500 error in my wish list page.

In error log i saw this error message: PHP Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/.../public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_account_wishlist.php on line 85

In 85 line ” if ($this->config->get(‘config_watermark_show_wishlist’) == 0 && empty($this->config->get(‘config_watermark’))) “

Great idea, great product!

Thank you very much!!!