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Dear author, is there an option to arrange the forms items width, using percentages or cols…. ?

No what’s you see that’s it.

I got errors. please help.

Yeah, Please email me:

Isn’t this a Vanguard ripoff ?

No Vanguard so smart and create different functions some design same It’s main feature form builder and crud.

Where is the content of the message sent from the form you created sent to? Can I set the address to receive?

You will get it feature right now you can send only by iframe.

Hello, buy the application, I follow all the steps (3) of installation but it does not work! Is there a more detailed guide? Thank you.

Please check requirements for laravel 5.5 if you can’t mail me:

Hello, send an email requesting support, but I still have no answer!

Please check your email.

hi! does this form allow if condition?

Are you planning to add “Tags”? Thank you!


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do you store feedback of forms somewhere… also why the embed forms are also draggable??

Yeah its store on database..


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Thanks! also embed forms are draggable

Welccome, Yeah.


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Can you please re-uplaod the video in your documentation??otherwise it won´t be possible to install everything..thanks in advance

Please before install check requirements file.