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Hello, I purchased this, i am not able to see the code. please help me

hi, what’s wrong? could you be a little more specific

Can you telme how to view the code for it. I am not familiar with coding and stuff. I am learning. I want to view the code. I can’t find it.

the code is inside aspx.vb

the script install only on Server : windows! if you hav Linux Server dont purchase the script .

where is aspx.vb????

Error HTTP 500 .19 – Internal Server Error

- be sure you are running the script on a Windows server. - be sure you are using .NET framework 3.5 on your server. - change custom errors to mode “Off”

Thanks.. :)

Hello, I wonder if instead of creating a newsletter via the integrated wysyg if I can take a file (newsletter) already created? Ie attach a file?

No it is not possible.

The time delay is in seconds, between each email address or the full list?

Hi, each email address.

Hello, I just buy your script, but I can not do anything.

I upload to my server, all files and folders (bin, images, popups, scripts, temp, Default.aspx, Stylesheet.css, web.config) and I makes me the address; and nothing that pass -> 404?

Hi, thanks for purchase.

Make sure you are running the script on a Windows Server.

Exactly… I have a linux server! I have purchased that for nothing!???

Please refound me… no explanation about that !

Does it handle return path. I would like to know if the address was not delivered (bounce back). Thanks