Smart Timer And Counter: Flip Skin Addon

Smart Timer And Counter: Flip Skin Addon

This is NOT standalone plugin and it can’t be used on it’s own. This is an addon for Smart Timer And Counter plugin for jQuery, and it is also available on CodeCanyon here: \\Smart Timer And Counter\\ You need to purchase and install this main plugin first. Do not attempt to use this addon on its own, it will not work.

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Addon Information

Smart Timer And Counter: Flip Skin Addon is a brand new skin for Smart Timer And Counter plugin. It will add realistic flip digit effect skin that is fully customizable, allowing you to change size, fonts, colors for digits and labels. Flip effect is done with CSS3 and this skin is not using images to achieve flip effect!

To use this Skin addon, you need Smart Timer And Counter plugin. Skin addon files are loaded with Smart Timer And Counter plugin files, and you can set up your counters to use new skins. Addon package contains demo files showing how the skin are loaded, how you can set them up and use with main Counter plugin.

Plugin works with modern browsers with CSS3 support (animations, transitions). It works with modern browsers: IE 10+, Opera 20+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari… For older browsers, flip effects are not displayed, but counters still work. Mobile browsers don’t fully support flip effect, and right now there is no way to make flip effect fully compatible with browsers on mobile devices.

Timer Flip Animation

Timer Flip Animation Flip skin is fully customizable, and it allows you to use custom colors for digits, background and label, use shadows, specify dimensions, change font family and size.

Numbers Flip Animation

Numbers Flip Animation Skin works with both timers and numbers modules in Smart Timer And Counter plugin. It can flip multiple digits in the same time.

Endless styling possibilites

Skins: Circles And Rounds Plugin contains many examples showing different styles and setups for the counters and you can see use of transparent colors, oversized fonts, different backgrounds and more.

Other Addon Features

  • Many examples included in the download package
  • Documentation describing all of the skin settings

Addon Requirements

  • jQuery 1.7 or newer
  • Smart Timer And Counter 3.5 or newer

Flip Skin Limitations

  • Flip interval must be one second. CSS transitions calculations are set to 1 second and they are very hard to modify without loosing flip effect.
  • On most modern mobile devices, browsers can display flip effect to some extent, but it doesn’t look as good as on desktop browsers. On older mobile devices, flip effect will not work.


Version 1.2 / 2017.08.23.

  • Updated: Support for the AM/PM badge for Clock mode
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.2.1

Version 1.1 / 2016.06.01.

  • Updated: Default jQuery loaded by demos is now 1.12.4
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.0.0 RC1
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 2, tested with jQuery 2.2.4

Version 1.0 / 2015.01.17.

  • First release
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