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wheres the live preview?


Live preview is added now. Also, each item in the bundle has own preview link in the description.

Regards, Milan

hi there, is there anyway to add a cookie to the countdown timer so it doesn’t reset?


Well, you can make your own code that handles the time for page reload. But, best way to do this is with some server side handling code.

If you need to countdown to specific date, you don’t need cookies or anything else, that is fixed value. But, if you need to countdown period of 3 months for instance, you need server side code to keep exactly what 3 months mean, when they start. Plugin can’t do that for you.

And if you decide to use cookie, 3 months will start for every user once they first visit the page with your code, and it will not have same ending, since users visit page in different times.

It all depends on what you try to achieve. But, whatever technique you want to use, my plugin counts based on your input, if you need to change the input based on visits or whatever, you must provide your own logic to do so.

Regards, Milan

If i use this as an UP counter, can the END time be changed without refreshing the page?

Timer parameters can’t be changed once the timer is initialized.

I get error TypeError: this.$current.round is not a function at line 5988 when updating the number counter manually but function call “add”

Thanks for reporting, I will check it out. Can you post the full JS code you are using to initialized and control the counter so I can check exactly what it is done? You can use contact form to sent it to me, or post it here.

hello :) i want to use the flat counter on The7 theme…is it compatible?is it High definition? Also can i set frequency of numbers? i mean suppose i set the countdown to 100 today. Then i want it to increase by 10 the next day and so on….can i achieve this with this plugin? Thanks :)

Smart Timer and Counter is jQuery plugin (it is not WordPress plugin!), so you can integrate it into anything that can load jQuery. Plugin relies on CSS (not images) so it is High Definition quality of display. Since you need to prepare JavaScript to initialize and load the plugin, you can write whatever rules and settings you need and make your own code to change code daily if you need to.

IDK much about coding….will you provide support?

Plugin has detailed PDF documentation, over 50 examples (for various skins and methods), but you still need to be able to understand and write JavaScript/jQuery. I can help you along, but I can’t write the code for you.

Pre-Purchase question, but will definitely purchase if this is possible: I need it to countdown to a specific time, such as 11:45am Saturday mornings, show the words, “Broadcasting Now!” on completion of the of the countdown (which I know is possible), but then an hour later, at 12:45pm, restart the countdown for the next Saturday. Options?


What you need is very specific, and it is not available out of the box. But, it can be done with some custom JavaScript, since plugin has callbacks for various things including end of countdown.


Milan, Thanks for the quick reply. Is this something that would be supported or that I could pay for. I am able to edit and adapt JS, but I’m proficient enough to be able to write the code in timely manner. And I’m not finding much help on the web for the code I need either.

I don’t have any free time to take any new work right now. I might be able to find some free time in second half of January. This is 2 hours job, and you can contact me via contact form on my profile for more information.

Hello, how are you

I am also interested in your plugin But before you buy I have a small question Possible incorporates a web counter An example “Total 89547 visitors”

Good continuation

Thank you in advance for your answers

I don’t understand what you want me to do. I can’t create example you want, because it depends on your server side code.


this amounts to only count once every visitor. If one person appears several times on my site, it will not be counted several times. I wonder if your plugin, can we created a web counter? put a web counter on my website example “Total visitors 89547 ” uses php 5.6. thank you

Again, yes. But you need to prepare the server side for counting, and to write front end jQuery logic to get that data from server. I can’t explain any clearer.