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AvD Purchased

I just purchase this plugin and I have a question. Are you limited to only 3 placeholders? Is there a way to add more? There are many areas on my site where and I’d like to have a customer tabber.


AvD Purchased

Sorry I didn’t see the placeholders option to add more. No need for assistance. Cool plugin!

Thanks for the purchase!

I have responded in the forum.

FYI, free WordPress plugin “jQuery Smooth Scroll” seems to have conflict with your plugin.

When clicking on the tabs, the page scrolls unintentionally.

Thanks for the info, I will test it and see if there is something I can do to fix that. My plugin depends on Easy Tabs for jQuery plugin, so I am not sure if it can be fixed.

well, I switched to another plugin already.

So, problem is most likely in that Smooth Scroll plugin if other similar plugin works. I will add it to testing list just in case.

Hello. I’ve got a problem: When I change the color of “Active Tab – Text” it doesn’t have any effect. Can you help me please.


Which tab design this happens with? Is this happening when you creating the style, or later when it is in use on the website?


Awesome plugin!

Works beautifully ‘out of the box’ and super quick and easy to match to my theme design – thanks! :D

Thanks for the purchase! I am glad you like the plugin!

Excellent. 5 stars :)


i have problem using it with Sahifa theme and fixed sidebar

ill send you link if you can share your email

Hello, you can open topic in the official forum here:


I am confused, I dragged the smart tabber into the widgets and then a widget underneath it. I keep getting the Selected placeholder is empty.

Can you please help asap? You can see it is not properly working

You have many JavaScript / jQuery errors on the website, and that breaks all jQuery plugins that need to run. You need to fix your website errors for my plugin to work. Use Firefox Firebug debugger or Chrome Debugger to see all the errors.

please remove my previous comment

I have added that plugin on my website but tabbed content shows widget-0,widget-0 before contents,let me know how to fix that

The page you send doesn’t have my plugin running at all.

Now check , I just checking if problem will solvee after reinstall, but still probem persists

My guess is that something else is doing that, I checked, and my plugin has nothing that can print something like that. You need to test for conflicts with other plugins or theme:

Hello, This plugin seems perfect for what I need, but I have one question. If there is no content in one of the tabs, does that tab disappear? I would need the tabs to only show if there is content in them.

It can’t be done, it is very hard to determine in the moment of tabs loading of there is a content in them, especially if you have some dynamic content maybe that loads later.

Does not work on wordpress 4.7.1. It’s a completely loss of money!

Plugin works just fine with WP 4.7.1, you can see it on the demo website:

What exactly is the problem on your end?