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vicmix Purchased

I have purchased your plugin and tried to install unfortunately it was taking so long just waiting for localhost and facing error like Fatal Error Error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded File: C:\xampp\htdocs\survey\lib\Cake\Error\ErrorHandler.php Line: 196

Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app\View\Errors\fatal_error.ctp please advice

Where you were trying to install this application? Can you send us a message through your hosting credential?


vicmix Purchased

in localhost sir, i have send email for detail.

I would recommend to do not purchase this product or any other from this author. After purchased Smart Survey I was unable to set it up, so I contacted the author in more than 5 different times (using email, sending tickets in their website and also making a claim with envato-market). The author never answers. Horrible customer services. the worst experience I have ever had using envato-market regularly since 2015.

Page “survey/installer/thanks” not found

using hosting with direct admin

Please give us your hosting info by message. Thanks

can add more than steps ?

is there any video on how to set up the database? I’ve only uploaded the files to my FTP, and tried Database Host : localhost, Database Name: survey, Database Username : and Database Password : 1. It keeps saying there is a Database Connection Error.

Please Help!

Please follow the tutorial to install, If you have any problem please let us know by comments.

Where should I create my database? PHPmyAdmin? I am not sure on how to install the form. Is ther any tutorial video that will show how to create and install the database?

Please follow the tutorial to install, If you have any problem please let us know by comments.


I just purchased and received the following error upon install:

Fatal Error Error: Cannot use ‘String’ as class name as it is reserved File: /home/example/ Line: 24

Notice: If you want to customize this error message, create app/View/Errors/fatal_error.ctp

Hi, You have to downgrade the php version to PHP 5.6. Thanks

Thank you for the quick reply. It’s working now after that change.

Hello, I get the following error message after only time:

Notice (8): Undefined variable: newWord [APP/Model/Language.php, line 97]

And then no more text is displayed.

Thank you!

We are not sure about how much you just changed. Might better if you can give us the source.

I have now reinstalled the script. Only one problem I have with the translation. He takes over all translations in German. But not “YES” and “NO” what could that be? Pass: 123456

Have you removed the site?


pthim Purchased

Hi! We’ve bought your Smart Survey last year, but we started to use it now. We made survey with 1-5 rating questions and at graph-page it shows wrong averages. All averages are same (now 4.13 for all questions), but when you click question, it gives different average.

Also when i go to check participant, it shows same value for every question even if they have answered different values (1-5 rating).


pthim Purchased

And also at printing page it gives: Avarage: {{percent}}%{{rate}}

Hi, could you send us a message with your credential?


Rhymb Purchased


I have a problem with my participants-list. If I click on “Survey lists > Survey name > Participants” than appear just 16 entries although there have to be over 100. The next-Button also does not work.

Best regards


Hi there,

could you show us the problem by your site? might better if you can send us a message with a demo credential.



Seriox Purchased

Hello. I have tried to install it but I am getting this error: “Unable to configure the session, setting session.cookie_path failed..”. When I try to install this on my another server I am getting this …/installer/thanks not found. Help?


Seriox Purchased

Nvm. it works now. I just replaced the “lib” folder from cakephp-2.9.9. Just ignore my refund, sorry.


Seriox Purchased

Hello there. I have some questions…

- Where can I change the title of the interface (“Survey Project…”)?

- Is it possible to add subtext for each question? Like: Question -> Subtext -> Options…

- Is it possible to change the position of multiple choice answers? I have seen that it is possible to change it from list to line, but I would like have just 2 or 3 in line.

- How can I change the size of the survey? Can not find it. I just found the header and font size options.

Thank you in advance.

I’ve edit the ”.htaccess” file and reinstalled at: and the install has been completed.

But, it seems to be some error here, include the css…......

Please take a look at

thank you.

Hi there,

Can you send us your hosting info through message?

Hello, I just bought your survey Too and wanted to install it. But the following error occurs:

The survey file is not in the folder.

I had to put PHP 6.1 on PHP 5.6. Is there an update for PHP 7.1?

The authorization I have placed on 777. Nevertheless, it works nihct. is my hoster

We reply to your email.


Please update the survey tool! The tool is damn strong and very good. Many Thanks

i intersting with your smart survey..

i need customization, can you make user can get reward and witdrawll..