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On apply the q Parameter will not check ? already exists. In this case &q= must be applied on the url.

Please update: $.getJSON(options.src+”?q=”+q, function(data, textStatus) { into: $.getJSON(options.src+(options.src.indexOf(”?”)==-1?’?’:’&’)+”q=”+q, function(data, textStatus) {


Your description says: Only one line of code to install!

So i downloaded. I am not known with js and little with php. But i want the downloaded file to search my DB to find matches. What the ** do I do to get this done ? I could not find this is in the documents.

any chance one could search data from a database?

Is there any chance you could provide a sample of the HTML generated? I can’t capture it to see what I need to style! (view source or inspect element don’t work as it disappears as soon as I click anything else).

Would this by any chance work with a JSON text file instead of using a database? I just want to search the entries I add in the text file. Can this be done with this plugin?

is it not possible to try this out before purchasing? Not the demo site, but a demo version or something?

You need to write your own php to get results from YOUR DATABASE and create dynamic a JSON as in examples to nake it work.


<?php /* Get the query string "q" variable -- this is what the user typed in. */ $q = $_GET['q']; /* Run some sort of searching operation. - Usually you will be searching a database and then pulling back results. - We will get movie names from a database */ // Start creating JSON OUTPUT $final = array('header' => array(), 'data' => array()); $final['header'] = array( 'title' => 'Movie Search', # Appears at the top of Smart Suggest result box 'num' => count($results), # Displayed as the total number of results. 'limit' => 5 # An arbitrary number that you want to limit the results to. ); //DATABASE JOBS $servername = "localhost"; $username = "root"; $password = "pass"; $dbname = "dbname"; // Create connection $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); // Check connection if ($conn->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error); } /* GET RESULT FROM DATABASE AND ADD THEM TO JSON OUTPUT */ $query = "SELECT * FROM Movie WHERE original_title LIKE '%".$q."%'"; $result = $conn->query($query); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC)){ $final['data'][] = array( 'primary' => $row['original_title'], # Title of result row 'secondary' => $row['overview'], # Description below title on result row 'image' => 'https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w60_or_h91'.$row['pathPosterFileName'], # Optional URL of 40x40px image 'onclick' => 'window.open(\'find.php?id='.$row['tmdb_id'].'\', \'_self\');' # JavaScript to call when this result is clicked on which gets movie page with selected id; ); } /* Output JSON */ header('Content-type: application/json'); echo json_encode(array($final)); # RETURN CREATED JSON it as the first result in an array, since we only have one category here die(); ?>

How could I add a loading.gif during search?

I found the solution, the loading icon is just missing from the main /images folder, look in the assets/images folder under docs

I am looking for auto complete suggestion for on-demand service portal. Autocomplete suggestions are not only for the words which contains searched query but also listing which contains similar words. This function should also provide stat for searched keywords for admin. Example: if user search “Jazz” – suggested results should be “he Shape of Jazz to Come”, “Ornette Coleman” “The Bridge”, “ Herbie Hancock ”, “Ella Fitzgerald ”, “Bitches Brew”, “Billie Holiday”, “The Jazz Singer”..etc. Jazz word is connected with Jazz Vocalist, Jazz Instruments, and Jazz Albums – in local database. Can your code provide this functionality?

it has css problem. i use it but it was wrapped.

Hello, 2 questions: 1.- Can I search for 2 or 3 columns in the same box? 2.- You have code examples when we buy to see how you receive data and add it to a row, or access the value of the item being clicked?

WORST PLUGIN EVER!!! Just one line of code!!! ? LOL If you want to search for fruit, this statement is right. Most of the stuff is hard coded! you have to write it anyway from the beginning! No Support! No samples for DB… Don’t buy, it is a waste of money! I Don’t understand, why it is not deleted from codecanyon?

do you think your plugin can be customized to look as this menu? http://s3.amazonaws.com/libapps/accounts/10680/images/Bloomberg.jpg

can it also show text inside first column with images?

Can you be more specific on how this gets data? Do I fill out a file for sample searches, and then it simply inserts those as auto suggestions? I have a database of multiple thousands of entries, and I surely can’t have this searching through them, every time someone types a different letter.

Can you give me more details on this script, concerning this?

i am not sure if this is worth the $4 , the demo site dont even work

Is it possible to create new text that does not exist in the JSON list?