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Can you do a video demo on this? Is this like a Siri for my PC? Also can you change the voices? How does it answer ? With text or audio? Many questions if you can provide a video demo we can get a better understanding of what the possibilities are? Also can we send in text instead of Audio for questions?

I will see to make a demo soon. This is something like Siri. You can change the voice in the Windows Speech settings (it corresponds to computer’s default voice). Currently, there is no text input available, only audio (via microphone). Check out the Support tab for more information.

Can we install on a server to aide our web visitors?

The program as it is now cannot do this, however I can develop such functionality for you. You can contact me at software@igorsevo.com.

Does it include the source code?

No, because it includes parsing AJAX requests and HTML from an external source. I can send you the source code if you are willing to pay a little more than 5$. You can contact me via software@igorsevo.com or from the CodeCanyon contact box.

I might want to pay for this and a lil more for the source info are maybe you to help me so i can run this on my site to develop functionality to aide web visitors. But i would need it for doing voice payments.

Please contact me at software@igorsevo.com so we can discuss details.

Does it reply to the questions in audio or does it just open a browser with the search request?

Replies with audio (uses Windows Speech Synthesis).

Helo,please i would really love to see a video demo about this software.I will also need the source code if additional cost apply for that

And please which programming language(s) is this software written in

The program is written in C# for Windows platform. I can sell this with source to you for 28€.

Ok ,but can we see a demo on how it works

Can you add an executable to the program like Computer > Yes> Open app X: [execute action – open software etc] then clear action then listen for next command ; computer> Yes ______command.

Can he speak Turkish ?

The program uses Windows Speech. If you have a Turkish speech voice installed, then yes. Otherwise, no.