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I have Apache 2.4.23 when i change from Apache 2.3 to match Apache of my server and try to do .htaccess Tweaks get 500 Internal Server Error, how to solve this issue?


First option on the .HTACCESS panel is too choose Apache version. Most Apache servers 2.4 and newer use compatibility module so that old rules will work. But, your server seams to lack that module, so you need to switch Apache version in the plugin to generate rules for that version. If that doesn’t work, check with your hosting company to identify what rules are causing problem (there were many Apache changes, and it is not easy to test them all). Apache 2.4 support in the plugin is experimental (as noted in the settings), but it should be working fine (I use it on my server).


I am running dedicated server, other thing is google is giving this error when trying to crawl the sitemap I do believe it is because of the changes made to the htaccess file
Network unreachable: Network unreachable HTTP Error: 503 !!!!! this is not server issue there is something making the site not reachable to google after installing that plugin

Can you check with your hosting to determine which .htaccess rule is causing error? Also, try to switch back to old Apache in the settings, and save rules to .htaccess again.

If you have problems doing that, manually remove all rules added by plugin from .htaccess (they are marked with BEGIN/END and plugin name lines).

Hello, does it work on any hosting company??

.htaccess hardening is process of adding security rules into .htaccess file. This file is Apache only, so if server is not on Apache, these tools will not work. There are extra addons for the plugin, and one of them (Firewall) replaces bunch of .htaccess tools with firewall rules that work on any server type.

Hello again. I think my db its re.infecting my website. Will this plug in help me on this?

No. This plugin is used to protect your website from security related incidents. If you are infected already, you need to find and clean the infection first. There are so many infection methods, and in most cases, you need to manually find and restore problematic files. I doubt that DB is reinfecting your website, you need to have infected PHP files for that.

How well does it work against pharma hacks?

I am not sure what types of hacks you are referring to exactly, but plugin doesn’t have the tools to cleanup infected website. If your website is infected, and files hacked, this plugin is not for you. If you have clean website, this plugin can protect you against wide range of attacks using combination of various tools.

Hello, I have the Version: 3.3 Date: 03/08/2016. How can I upgrade to the latest version.

Thank you

You need to download latest version from CodeCanyon (your profile Download section). Disable and then remove plugin from WordPress Plugins panel, and upload new version and activate. All settings will remain as they were before the update.

Thank you very much


could you help please,google stop indexing my website,which settings we are doing wrong ? i lost my indexing on google and cant read sitemaps anymore an now i had to deactivate this great plugin but before activate,could you teach us what to do please! we want to use this great tool

thank you

In the Logs list, you have for each IP links under the IP, and one of them is WhoIs. This shows accurate information about owner of IP, and Google and other search engines are very clearly marked.

Activate support for ProjectHoneypot (plugin Settings -> Services -> Project Honeypot). You need to signup for free account, and add the Access Key into plugin settings. After that, in the log you will see with each IP icons with threat level (if available) or search engine icon.

These are the best advices on how to avoid banning the wrong IP’s.

When i unban all ip for restart all is fine ? will fix the issue ?

If that was causing the problem, yes. You should ban some IP’s but, not everything, you need to understand what types of IP’s you should ban, and that is why I suggested things to do in previous comment.

i am having an strange issue,my site has 2 language

when i want to verify any file over my server an link

lets say: when plugin working i can not get this link and when i click,it goes www.test/en/test which it use automaticly this link! but when i disable the plugin,it sees the drect link an read it…

what should i do ? i have qtranslate an logo translator plus 2 language website when i disable our plugin,i can get the direct link…

about what you did not understand is,when i activate the plugin on my site,and when i try to verify any file from direct link ,it goes not direct link but second language link! plugin farward me to other page…i will need to draw you or send you screen shot tomorow…

i removed all ban but when i activate your plugin,i loose my index from google and one other issue,i use 2 language an when i acticate plugin,it redirect me on some page…

hope you understand an support

I have no idea what can be causing that. Can you give me the website URL to check few things?

hello why its showing for my ip

404 Error: Media File ? on Security Logs

You have some broken link on your to media files (image most likely).