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and if i understand correct, there is a widget to automatically generate a qr for current page… is there also a shortcode for this?


Yes, on all counts. By default plugin generates image, and it has CSS set to make it responsive or you can do it with your theme CSS. And both widget and shortcode can generate QR Code for current page.


Dear Developer, do you have the PHP version (not WP version) ? I’m interest to implant on my custom CMS

No, I only develop WordPress plugins.

I am looking for a QR code generator that the user scans, get redirected to a form and fill up with info. Next, the user saves the form and a new QR code is generated. That QR code will show then a Vcard with that info the user just has filled in. Is this your plugin?

No. QR Codes can be generated using widgets that you need to fill with data or shortcodes that you fill with data. What you need is a QR Code for public use, so that your visitors can generate and export codes.

Well, that is a pity, because I have been searching and can’t find any. I would like to have a script that does this, do you have any suggestions?

No, sorry. But, I have in plans to make such plugin, but I have no ETA when that will be done, most likely sometime next year.



Couple questions.

Can I use this to create my own custom QR Code for any URL – including if I do not have a WP Page setup that I want the QR Code to be generated for?

Can I have the qr code export as a high quality image to use for printing on marketing materials?



Plugin adds widget that can generate QR Code for current URL regardless of the type of that page: page, archive, post, custom post type post – anything. Add it to widget, and anywhere widget is displayed, current URL is used.

You can setup widget with custom URL, geo location, vCard and other types of data (see plugin description).

Plugin generates QR Code using JavaScript, and it generates it as an image, so you can right click on the QR Code and save it as any other image on the page.


Hi Milan,

Is there an option to enable the plugin to produce a QR code dynamically from user entered content?

I have a listing site in which users enter their name and address details, amongst other things. I would like to display some of this information with a QR code, programmatically.

Is that possible?


It will be added to developers guide (preparing this one for 1.1 version to be released next week). If you buy the plugin before 1.1 is released, just open new topic in the forum, and I will provide you with the function information there. If you prefer to wait, it will be in the developers guide.


Its not on the critical list so I think I will wait until I have more time, and then it will be ready I guess.

OK, I hope to finish minor updates in the next 2-3 days to push new version with updated documentation.

First off, thanks for making such a great plug-in.

Do you have a version that also creates bar codes? This would be for UPC data on the products.

Thank you.

No, sorry, only QR.


I’m looking to using QR codes on artworks/paintings so visitors to my gallery can just scan with their phones and get taken straight to the relevant page/product detail page to purchase the artwork or contact us.

Is this something this plugin can help with? Printable QR codes people can scan with relevant apps on their phones and get taken to the embedded product/website page URL?

My plugin can generate QR Code for any page or post on your website. QR Code is generated as an image, so you can save it, and later print it.

Hi, can i generate QRcode from shortcode? (encode result of shortcode into QRcode)

QR Code has a limit of what can encode, it has to be a string or string based structure and the devices that read QR Code need to be able to recognize it. If your result is like that, you can encode it into QR Code. Plugin has a function that can take any string you want and encode it into QR Code, so you need to supply the function with results from your shortcode.

Thank you. I am trying to encode [currentuser_useremail] into QR Code.

Plugin has a function for generating QR Code, so you need to feed that function with result of the shortcode, it can’t be done directly right now. But, it is interesting idea for future version (I can’t guarantee it right now, but I added it to the future features list).

Can this plug in allow users to create their own QR Codes for download?

No, you need to set the content before the QR Code is displayed.

Hello. Before buying… Can I generate a QR Code for Current Page RSS FEED? For example, I need a QR Code for miwebsite/current-page-rss-feed/ Thank you!

There is no such auto URL feature. Plugin can generate URL from current page/post. I will add this to the feature request list for next update.

Ok, thank you. I will buy on next update.

You have shortcodes, Do you also have PHP strings as well?

What do you mean by ‘PHP strings’?

Advanced Custom Fields has a way to put in a shortcode or PHP string for fields. for example

[acf field=”name”] <?php the_field(‘field_name’); ?>

So I am asking if you have the same. This would help a great deal in “injecting” specific data I want using your parameters.

So for your text field, I could use specific text. Also it would allow it to be used in the admin area as well.

That is called a function. And yes, it has a function you can use in the theme or other code. It is documented in developers guide and there are few examples also.

Screen not works, also on demo site – no any demo

Screenshots are on the CodeCanyon and they work, and the demo website works also.