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Do you have a provider for Persian ?can it use from google suggestions if it still works?

Regards, Vahid.

My plugin uses 5 different services for tagging, but they don’t support Persian. Google doesn’t have any API that can be used for this purpose. If they make such API in the future, I will add support for it. I am not aware of any other service with API access that provides tagging capabilities.


Hi can i add tags that will not show up on the front end, but when a person does a search will pull the tag/keyword

My plugin is adding tags, it can’t control what you will do with them. Theme is displaying tags on the front end, not my plugin. And, you can always add custom taxonomy, and put terms in it, to avoid them being part of normal tags.

Auto tagger is currently waiting and will start working soon. i have this since 8 Weeks

You’ve added a function to automatically add tags when a new publication of the new post? And the plugin now works well with Yahoo API?

Yes, tags can be added automatically on publish. As for the Yahoo API, that API is functional, but it doesn’t return any results any more. Yahoo has discontinued some aspects of their service, and I will try to see if there is a way to bring it back in the next version, but I can’t promise that, since the use of that API depends on Yahoo. In any case, other API’s like Alchemy are much better then Yahoo.

Ok, good! I’ll try it today! Thanks!

Yahoo API is mostly unusable. Even their own website can’t run any queries, it returns connection errors, so I would not hope to see Yahoo API functional anymore, I expect they will just close it down like they did with many other of their services.

Hi, does this plugin auto-tags too? Also, does it have blacklist keywords feature for not generating certain unwanted tags?

Yes, it has options for auto tags. As for blacklist, that is currently not implemented, but I have added it to the features for next version.

Will this work on Woocommerce product titles?

This has nothing to do with title directly. Plugin takes title and content and extracts tags from that using online tags extraction services. There is no guarantee these services will return any tag, that largely depends on the content sent for analysis, the more the better.

In theory, works with any posts in WordPress, including Woo products.

Hi the dandilion api has changed to a token can you help here.

Thanks for letting me know. I will update plugin in the next few days, once I get the time to test API changes.

I have a list of my own keywords that I want to use for creating a tag. You don’t show if this is possible in your features list or video. There is an import/export option, but you don’t discuss that in the features or video.

For example, I need this. I have a tag “cat” – I want to give a list of keywords such as “kitten” “kitty” “meow” “feline” “Russian Blue”. If any one of those keywords is found in my post, then apply the “cat” tag.

I may use the phrase SPT as an abbreviation for Smart Posts Tagger. Can this plugin scan my posts for SPT and if found add the tag “Smart Posts Tagger” ?

Can I provide a list of tags I want to use, and keywords that if found would auto-tag a post?

Can my keywords or tags be more than one word? For example, “Russian Blue” is a phrase I might used in my post and I want that identified for a tag.


1. Import/Export is for plugin settings. 2. There is no list of predefined tags, that kinda defeats the purpose of this plugin, if you already have your own tags, why use the plugin. Plugin is processing content through online tag extraction services to generate contextual tags. 3. The plugin is not processing the post content, that is done by tag extraction services. 4. There is no way to define list of tags and scan post for matching, and this is not planned. Main goal of this plugin is to get tags from extraction services.



a_Mits Purchased

is easy digital downloads supported?

Plugin supports any custom post type and works with all non-hierarchical taxonomies. If you have such taxonomy assigned to the downloads post type, plugin will work.


dapope Purchased

Well that was a total waste of money. Yahoo gone. Other APIs cost money, or can’t log in to create API without requesting a demo or the link in the app is dead. NOT HAPPY AT ALL

Sorry, this has nothing to do with my plugin. I will be happy to add new API’s when some is available.

And, all 4 other API’s are available for free, with limited number of request per day. But, that limit is more then enough for most purposes.

Hi ! very good plugin. Just a problem. (Spanish) is tagging adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns… it´’s urgent you can resolve it ! Just give us a place to list our black terms, and we’ll do it. But now I can´t let the plugin to tag all those words (are the most used in spanish !) Thanks in advance

Plugin currently doesn’t have option to blackist terms. I will add this to the features request list for future update.

Hi, Is it possible to use your plugin for page in front end? i want my user add their own tags on images when they upload their images?

Thanks, Alex

No, this is not for front end.

I want to know if you have a list of API calls limit (day, month) for all included services? Thanks!

Sorry, no. You need to check it out with specific API’s, because that changes from time to time, and depending on the account you have with specific API’s.


keichri Purchased

I need to perform a clean uninstall of this plugin. will there be any leftovers in database or wordpress

Only one record in wp_options with plugin settings called ‘smart-posts-tagger’.

Is there an option to tag only from titles not content?

No. And, for all the tagger services, title is usually too short to generate tags.

Pre Purchase Question: Does this plugin auto tag BB press Topics ? I am creating automatic topic so i want them to tag automatically. Thank you

Sorry for late reply. It works, but only from the admin side (this is admin side only plugin), when editing topics.

Its ok .. I do not understand what you mean to say about admin side. Actually I am creating BBpress Topics automatically when post submit Topic is created. I want is this plugin copy post tags and also tag bbpress topics (All post tags = BBpress topic tags), Or option 2 is it simply create topic tags automatically when topic is created tag should be publish along automatically for topic. I am not creating post and topics from admin side all is doing automatically.

Plugin has options to create tags on topic publish, and that will work for your case (tab On Publish Tagger).

Hi GDragon, Is this auto tagger plugin working for Turkish Posts ? Thanks.

Plugin description includes list of supported tagging services and languages, and you can check out which languages will work. Turkish is not supported by any of the services.


TXTFox Purchased

Where is the Alchemy API? We just purchased this and it is nowhere to be found. Was it renamed? Please help

It is called ‘IBM Bluemix Alchemy API’.

I see the comment above, but at the IBM Bluemix APIs page after creating and account there is no mention of that, do you have a URL you can point us to for purchasers who want to use the IBM Bluemix API?

Plugin setting for API’s contains the links for each API where you can signup for their services, including for Bluemix API.