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SFeryn2 Purchased

Just purchases this plugin and set up a demo page… Looks nice on the web but isn’t responsive on my mobile. Please advise!

Hi! Please send us a URL link to your demo page to support@topdevs.net Thanks!

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the Smart Photo Gallery: - which php version does the plugin require? - If you use – let’s say, 10 galleries, will all albums be displayed as you press the album button? - usually my photos are a mix of landscape and portrait photos. How will the portrait photos be displayed (zoomed in or with black part on the left and right)? Do you have a demo with portrait and landscape photos? - how many update have been released between creation date and today? - are the previous updates all related to bugfixes or has there also new functionality been added?

Thank you in advance for the information.

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Hi Peter!

PHP 5.3 or newer.

When you press the album button all the albums for that exact gallery will be shown.

There are 3 different display options for images: fit – show the whole image (with possible grey areas), fill – images will be zoomed to fill all the space, original – show the original image size. Images can be dragged around to see hidden parts.

There was 6 updates since we released the plugin in April 2014. Very little bug fixing, mostly new features added.


Thnaks for the swift reply. One final question. Can you swipe through the photos on a phone or tablet? I tried one of your demos and I could only use the arrows to go through the photos.


There is a swipe_events=”true” shortcode parameter to enable swipe feature. Please see the swipe gallery demo page.

Is it possible to have category filters for the images on the native gallery with your plugin? If not, do you know tell me how could I do that, please? Thank you!

Can you please elaborate? There is an albums within the gallery you can use to categorize the images.

Something like that: http://esites.pro/escolher-site/ Opening an external link inside a lightbox and separating some pics by category. Thank you.

If the lightbox content is loaded with AJAX it may not work, as a gallery script is triggered on page load. There might be need a custom JS coding, but we don’t provide this service, sorry. We are not sure our plugin is a best fit for your needs. Cheers!

how to use this plugin on this site https://www.flppr.org

It seems like your site is powered by WordPress.com. Uploading custom plugins is not supported for WordPress.com sites. So there is no way to use our plugin, sorry.

Presale question. All of the images in your samples are the same proportion. What happens when they are different? Vertical images with horizontal images?

Hi there! The images in the samples has different proportions. There are three options: “Fit”, “Fill” and “Original”.

Default is “Fit” to show the full image (may add grey space to the gallery). In our demo we use “Fill” option, so the images fill all the available space (some image parts may be hidden in this case). Using “Original” image will be shown as is.

With any of this option you can drag image to see the hidden details. Also user can switch between these options when viewing the gallery clicking on magnify glass icon.