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I installed it and reviewed the documentation but it does not work and pages cannot be added or edited with smart page builder.

Thank you for interest to our plugin. Be shure, we will help you with any issues. Could I have more information about your configuration to fix this problem. WordPress version Active theme name Operation System and browser you use

Demo looks good

What are your requirements regarding the extended license – can it be integrated into a theme that is not sold on themeforest?


We are pleased to inform you that you can integrate smart builder plugin to your theme and sell it where you want. If it does not contradict the envato extended license. http://codecanyon.net/licenses/faq#allow-another-author-a

We hope that our plugin will interest you. If you need something else, please let me know


Did some test and some elements, especially the title and some elements are not being responsive.

This is the test result from your demo: http://demo.webark.io/1aafd8715b323830f194da371023c0e7/?page_id=4808

Thanks for your feedback. SmartBuilder is a tool for WP theme developers. Therefore, the demo has been created to show how the it works on backend. But you gave us a great idea, we will modify the current theme and add it to smartbuilder package. There will be a good start for theme developers.

I agree, this is would be a good package. All the best

I really like the way things are laid out in the backend. It’s a clean UI and easy to use, however, there’s no way to drag column blocks around to different sections (not the end of the world but it feels like I should be able to). The other big dealbreaker for me is the lack of custom CSS fields. (the ability to define custom css IDs and Classes to an element) That’s extremely important as a designer so I can customize the look of a row/column/etc.

We are really appreciate your advice. They are very helpful. In next version of Smart Builder we will make ability to add custom id, classes and styles to any rows/columns/components.


Ive installed this plugin and i get an syntax error plugins/smartbuilder/includes/Smart.class.php on line 100

can you help me?


Hello, my PHP is the version 5.3.2 and Wordpress 4.4.1

syntax error plugins/smartbuilder/includes/Smart.class.php on line 100

Hello greeze, we’ve found error and fixed it. But it take some time to make build and upload to codecanyon. We will contact to you as soon as new version will be approved by reviewer. And again, thank you for your interest to our plugin.

Hello greeze, now you can download new version of SmartBuilder

Does this work with any theme?

Hi, Cope starter theme is included in SmartBuilder. So you can see it at demo site http://builder.webark.io/ Also our new template http://flareup.webark.io is using SmartBuilder

Hello I have a few questions before I purchase, thanks so much.

1. Can I choose for it look different on different devices? I looked at the demo and was able to see that I can see how the pages will look on different devices but is there a way to apply changes to the mobile options and have those changes not affect the desktop?

2. Mobile responsive question: Can I choose where the website content breaks and how it is stacked when it goes mobile responsive?

3. Text over Images: Is there any ability to put text over images?

Hi, 1. All options make changes to all devices. If you want make specific option for specific device you should use custom class and write css code for this class.

2. Sorry, I didn`t understans the question

3. Make an image in row like background and add text block over this image.

Use our demo to play with builder http://builder.webark.io

Hi, I bought this plugin yesterday thinking this would fix my issues I am having with a current Smart Page Builder plugin on my wordpress site. However after installing it, it didn’t fix the issues I was having. Therefore it is useless to me and I am wondering if you would kindly refund me for this purchase. I will delete the plugin files I have downloaded.

Greetings, By Envato Market Refund Rules: https://themeforest.net/page/author_refund_policy I can do not make a refund but I do! :) May be in future you will buy one of my themes: https://themeforest.net/user/webarkio/portfolio Have a nice day!